Canada 2035

will canada be the greatest country to live in 2035


In the year 2035 I think Canada will not be the best country to live in because of many reasons some are climate, pollution, and its resources

Will Canada be a desired destination for immigration?

I think Canada will not be a destination for immigration in 2035 because of the climate Canada has. It has a is very harsh cold long winter and short hot summer. It costs a lot of money for immigration process, and most immigrant don't get accepted first time they submit their immigration application . Finally the immigration process takes about 3 years which is very long.Canada is offering immigration to highly educated people from all over the world.When these professionals got immigration they are not allowed to do the same jobs in which they are expert in.For example in medical profession there are more doctors ,pharmacist who are given the immigration on the preference basis .Once they got the immigration they can not practice their profession. They have to go through the long procedure of examination.Most of them will give up and are force to join the labor jobs.They felt they are betrayed and are not welcome by the policies of the country.In my opinion people will go to the countries which will offer them better opportunities. These are just some of the reasons why I think Canada will not be a destination for immigration in the year 2035

Who will Canada be attracting as immigrants ?

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How will Canada’s population look?

In the year 2035, I think Canada's population will decrease this is because most of the immigrants that came to Canada in earlier years were attracted by the fact that Canada was one of the best country to live in at the time . In the year 2035 the climate will just get colder so not many people would want to live in Canada in this extreme weather. Especially farmers because when it is winter the farmers can't farm , as all the crop's are frozen in the winter so they can't harvest and when the farmers can't harvest they won't get money because they can't sell their crops on the farm.So it will be hard for them to survive. Canada's growth in population is because of its immigrants.The policies for the immigrants are not very attractive for the new comers .The immigration rules are getting harder and harder.At the same time before it requires less time for the completion of the immigration process.In future it will require more time for the immigration to complete.On the basis of these reasons Canada's population will decrease in future.

Why does Canada have the climate it does?

I think that Canada has the climate it does because of the location it is located In. When it is summer the days are hot but not too hot because it is located in the north and when it is cold the weather is very cold because it is in the north and if you keep on going north of Canada the climate will just get colder and colder.It is a general perception that Canada has very cold weather.It is a vast country so the weather also ranges from very cold to mild weather.some part of the country has a very mild weather like Vancouver.
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Describe Canada’s various physical regions (landform regions, vegetation zones

Canada has various physical regions. They are divided into 7 different regions they are The Cordillera,The Prairies,The North,The Canadian Shield,,The St. Lawrence River,The Atlantic. The cordillera region covers most of the western coast of Canada. The word Cordillera is actually a Spanish word that means mountain ranges. There are also many valleys ,plateaus in this region.The Prairies is a region in western Canada the prairies region is covered mostly by grass.The Canadian Shield is area with many rock types some are ingenious and metamorphic rocks. The north is the region that is the most northern region in Canada in this region. There are the Yukon ,northwest territories and Nunavut. The st. Lawrence river is a large lakes in the middle of North America.

What will be Canada’s most important resources?

In the year 2035 Canada's most important resource will be lumber this is because right now Canada is one of the world primary sources of lumber. Lumber is a primary job in many of Canada regions. lumbar is a major resource for Canada because Canada produces many products with its lumber. In previous years Canada lumber industry is more focused on business so its economic can grow.On the basis of above mentioned facts I predict that lumber will still be the most important resource in future.

How will Canada be connected to the rest of the world through trade and globalization?

In the year 2035 Canada will be connected to the rest of the world through trade and globalization. This is because Canada will need some resources and technical experteese from other countries . Canada's climate is cold, in winter Canada can't grow crops so they would need crops and other resources from its neighboring countries to survive. Like wise Canada is a vast nation with plenty of natural resources.Like its lumber industry is huge.Canada will be exporting lumber and importing other skills and technology in exchange.Modern world has become a global village .All nations depends on each other.One cannot stay isolated in this world.The dependency of one nation on the other will increase even more in future.So I predict Canada will be connected to the other nations through goods and services that are not available in Canada.Also it will trade with its neighboring countries to keep good relations and play important role in peace keeping in the region.

Where will most Canadians be living in 2035?

I think most Canadians will be living in urban areas in the year 2035 because most jobs are in urban areas so it would make more sense to live closer to your work place. Also the urban cities are more developed than the rural areas.More facilities are available in urban areas like health ,transport,education etc.

will urban sprawl be and issue in 2035 and can ontario limit urban sprawl by the year 2035

I think urban sprawl will be an issue in year 2035. Canada is a developed nation.Like most first world countries Canada's population also comprised of urban population because of various reasons.There are better opportunities in terms of health, education ,transport, entertainment,job and general facilities in an urban area.So more people are attracted towards big cities and hence urban sprawl cannot be avoided.In my opinion same trend will continue in future .Canada has a big land size but its population is confined to few big cities.It shows that government are not taking positive measure to distribute the population evenly or developing new cities.Hence Urban sprawl cannot be limited in 2035.

How will canadian cities become sustainable and green?

Some ways we could make Canadians cities become sustainable and green are wind turbines, solar panels, hydro power. By using the solar panels and wind turbines we can create electricity which will make our cities more sustainable as well as green.Raising awareness in the public is yet another way of making the environment green and sustainable. for example encouraging car pooling,doing laundry in the hours when there is not that much pressure on the system.Walk to school ,and energy saving days are excellent examples of raising awareness in public.Also by making legislation that is essential for the sustainable and green atmosphere could have huge impact .Like in Mississauga there is limit in producing garbage per week.Recycling can also help in making the city sustainable and green.


In conclusion I think canada will not be the best city to live in the year 2035 because of the reason I have stated