R.V. are Hurting Prisoners

Rights Violations in Prison

About Me

My name is Trey and this flyer was created as part of a school project to inform people about Rights Violations in Prison. Scan this QR code to access my online flyer and links.

Facts about rights violations

Prisons that have more prisoners have more of a chance for rights violations to happen. That explains why the U.S.A. has the most rights violations problems because they have the most prisoners per 100,000 people. Some rights violations problems come from money problems like in Nigeria only 5% of their prison budget goes to stopping these rights violations. A major organizations that is helping is the ACLU or the American Civil Liberties Union. This Organization is fighting to help these prisoners out that have been in jail and gone through this. For Men one of the main types of rights violations is overcrowding of cells. For Women the main violation is rape. Rights violations is a very serious topic.
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