Book Report

By: Steven Mahar

If you like reading very creative, day in a life type of book I would reccomend the book series "Diary of a wimpy kid".

The Diary of Wimpy Kid Series is a very creative and interesting series to read. It is about the main charector by the name of Greg heffely. Greg has a diffrent view on things in his life, to him he lives a very bizarre lifestyle. Gregs bestfriend Rowley makes his life even more bizarre because rowley has some very weird belifes encoureged by his parents. O the other hand Gregs family is just extrememly bizarre, in the newest book "The Long Hual" Greg and his family decide to go on a family road trip and that does'nt go anything close to what they planned.

If you like reading books about someone's daily life and how they live I reccomend the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

Personally I really do enjoy these books, they are easy to read and very understandable. If you need just a quick book to read, Just pick any book from the Diary of a wimpy kid series and Ipromise you that you will enjoy it.