Hope Project

by: Allen Redmond

Story of the Peace Crane

A young girl in japan with high hopes in the future met with a tragic end. She was diagnosed with leukemia, her name was Sadako Sasaki. She was told about a old japanese legend, that if you made 1000 origami cranes she could get better. She died on October 25, 1955.
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1000 Cranes of Hope

In these crafted cranes contain hope and wishes for all. The legends says if you make 1000 you will get better and one of the wishes would be granted. By making the cranes you would be making hope and support for all the ill.
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Hiroshima 1945

In "World War ll" America used atmoic bombs against Japan. The US took it apon them selves to drop a atomic bomb, the first time ever on Hiroshima. They followed up with another in Japan again. This bomb killed thousands,wounded thousands and left thousands home less, poor, and hungry.
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