Alton Brown

Tv Personality


Alton brown is a chef, reality tv star, and an author. He writes many cookbooks and has many good recipes. He was born on July 30, 1962 which makes him 54 years old. One of his famous cookbooks Alton Browns: Everyday Cook is a huge hit. He was born is Los Angeles, California. But he now lives in Marietta, Georgia. He studied at the New England Culinary Institute. And some cool things about him: He is a certified pilot. And his zodiac sign is Leo.
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1. When was he born?

2. Whats the name of one of his cookbooks?

3. How old is he?

4. Where was he born?

5. Where does he live "Now"

6. Where did he go to culinary school at?

7. Is Alton a pilot?

8. What's his zodiac sign?


1. July 30, 1962

2. Alton browns: Everyday Cook

3. 54 yrs old

4. Los Angeles, California

5. Marietta, Georgia

6. New England Culinary Institute

7. Yes

8. Leo