Tech Tips

November & December High School Edition


This newsletter is a way for me to enhance your technology knowledge and the understanding of technology integration into your classrooms. If you have great events happening in your classroom that you would like to highlight, please email me!

Wireless Update

Starting this week we will be updating our wireless network in all buildings. All work will start at 3:15 and happen through 11:00 in the evening. That means there will be periodic outages in the wifi during those times.

The plan is to replace the high school ceiling access points with new ones. Those access points will then be transferred to Meridian Elementary, Sanford Elementary, and Meridian Junior High. We will be adding additional access points to all of those schools and completely replacing the access points in SES and MES.

If you are here after 3:15, you may find that you need to plug into Ethernet at some times during the week. The outages should be short, but we can't say when they will happen.

It does appear that the high school access points have been completely installed.

The Impact of Technology

Here is a short video that reinforces our 1:1 initiative!
How technology impacts our life


Here are some resources that will help you to portray proper citizenship and some freebies!

1. Here is a website that provides you with many different places to find free books! It is geared towards summer reading and vacations, but free books are available all year long!

2. Digital Citizenship - Here are five videos that you can share with your students to incorporate with a great digital citizen looks like.

3. Google Tips for Busy Teachers

4. Hit the Mark with Digital Media Exit Slips

Power of Technology

The power of technology is very apparent but the power of knowledge is why we are here. Keep pushing our students to see past the technology to flourish in their knowledge!
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wing clips

This website is a great resource for finding videos for teachable moments!!!! It allows to you search by theme, movie or category. The video clips vary in length and are free!!


I was presented with an amazing opportunity to attend the Apple Academy in November. This was an intensive week-long training that has allowed me to become an Apple Foundations Trainer. In the coming semester, I will be offering workshops for all staff to be a part of and this will allow you to obtain professional development hours. You also have the ability to become a Vanguard Member or Coach!

The Vanguard Program

In the Apple Vanguard program, educators participate in extended professional development delivered by an Apple Foundations Trainer (AFT) who also manages the program. The program's purpose is to develop educators who can become additional resources in their organization.

The Apple Vanguard program has two levels: Vanguard Member and Vanguard Coach. Each level reflects an investment in personal professional development time. A Vanguard member completes at least 24 hours of training on either OS X or iOS 7 plus a combination of any of these apps: iLife, iWork, iBooks Author, and iTunes U Course Manager. A Vanguard Coach will take the next step beyond that and spend an additional 12 hours assisting in the delivery of Apple Foundations workshops.

If you should be interested in being a part of the Vanguard Program, please contact me!

Challenge-Based Learning

A special recognition goes out to Sarah Kapral, Rebekah Deal, Terri Cosgrove, Ryan Cicinelli, Kristina Garski, Mark Hansen and Joe Ribarchik for attending the Challenge-Based Learning day. Thank you for giving your time and energy for a great day! Here is a graphic from our learning.
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