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ACTS: Prayer First

When the ACTS Group had its beginning in 2012 – even before there was the name, the ACTS Group – the Lord gave direction by his Holy Spirit. Two words came clearly: 1. Prayer First 2. Build the Teams. In the course of this month, you have received notice about how teams have been built for Convergence and Serve United and for how we look forward to such a team being built for Gospel X in 2016. It is with joy today as we send our last newsletter of 2015 that you can read about the SacramentoPRAYS team and the way in which we have sought to hold to “Prayer First” in all the ways in which we have moved forward as gospel movement organization. As you close the year, and as you open the new one, may “Prayer First” be a word to you as well.

Jeff Kreiser, Executive Director of the ACTS Group

Give a Ten Update

At the beginning of this month, ACTS Group launched our “Give a Ten” end of year campaign on “Giving Tuesday”. In planning this campaign, we realized how BIG a difference you could make if you simply gave $10 – and the thousands of others connected in some way to ACTS Group did the same. Because you have known about, believed in, prayed for and/or financially supported and/or prayed for the ACTS Group, we are calling upon you to give in these final days of the month. Could you click and give today? This is a “we” ministry and we need you.

1. Please click here to donate $10 or more to ACTS Group today. This link is simple and goes through our Leadership website Convergence.World. OR, you can click here to set up monthly giving or give 10x10 ($100) or 10 "cubed" ($1000) on our main online giving platform.

2. Please forward this newsletter to 10 people inviting them to sign up for the newsletter or link to one of our online communities through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Strategy Highlight - Prayer

SacramentoPRAYS is a ministry focused on mobilizing united corporate prayer in each of the 40 communities that make up the Sacramento region. It is one of the strategic initiatives of the ACTS Group, whose purpose is to give every person in the Sacramento area the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel.

In Christmas’ past, the Sacramento Region saw the coming together of intercessors through the Luis Palau Sacramento Festival in 2012, which gave birth to SacramentoPRAYS. Leadership initially consisted of a lead intercessor and a 5-person advisory council, meeting regularly to seek the Lord and become relationally united. These early pioneering days were characterized by a series of Regional Prayer and Praise events focused on “Breaking Our City Free”, starting in the downtown area at Center of Praise; the regular publishing of our SacramentoPRAYS newsletter; the launching of Prayer Leader Fellowship to unite prayer leaders from throughout the area; and a unified, deliberate partnership with Leading In These Times to increase prayer for the Sacramento Region.

This Christmas marks a time of celebrating the incredible growth of SacramentoPRAYS as a collaborative agent for Kingdom intercession in the Sacramento Region! There has been a beautiful coming together of many of the leading intercession ministry leaders into a “Body of Christ Mentality” with the love of Jesus flowing freely between us. This Christmas also finds the work of SacramentoPRAYS greatly increased and matured with the development of 5 specific focus areas: worship, community prayer, equipping, Prayer Leader Fellowship, and media & communications. With this growth, the work exceeds what the original pioneering level of leadership was designed to handle. As a result, we are currently rejoicing in our Lord as we raise up 2 leaders for each of the focus areas to carry forward the work assigned in our original commissioning ceremony on October 20, 2012.

In Christmas future (2016), we will have finished our restructure and shared leadership platform knowing the exponential effect of shared leadership - Deuteronomy 32:30 says that “one can put 1000 to flight, two can put 10,000 to flight.” One new feature is the launching of SacramentoPRAISE, a community based worship initiative that will serve the worship pastor’s and artists in Sacramento. We also will be cultivating community based prayer groups from churches committing to the Every School / Every neighbor initiative. Our goal is 100 partner churches by Memorial Day. The last area of growth ahead comes in the form of partnerships; including exciting momentum through activities such as Seek God for the City 2016, MLK Prayer Day, Decision America Tour, and City Advance.

It is an exciting upcoming year for SacramentoPRAYS and we would love to have you stay connected with us! To learn more about who we are, see regional prayer and worship events, and become a ministry partner visit our website at You can also follow SacPRAYS on Facebook or Twitter.

Mike Brill - SacPrays Administrator

Update on Giving Goal for December

Earlier this month, we were working on budgeting for the ACTS Group for 2016 and we calculated $20,000 of obligations by year end. God placed it on our hearts to pray for His guidance, blessing, and generosity. Whether He was teaching us a lesson on patience or provision, I cannot say, however, I can tell you God is good and faithful. In one week's time (December 22), we saw a boost in gifts that enabled us to meet half of our obligations. This means we still have $10,000 we need to see come in on this last week of 2015. If the Lord has placed it on your heart, join us in our journey by making a contribution today to help us finish 2015 well and to support the gospel work we do in this region.

We thank you for your support of The ACTS Group and ask that God blesses you in the coming year!

Merisa Moy - Finance and Development Officer

Endorsement -Dr. Glenn Barth - President of Good Cities

“Advancing City Transformation Strategies (The ACTS Group) is a strategic leadership team that engages followers of Jesus Christ as change agents at home, work, and in places they serve. Their four part strategy of prayer, service, leadership development, and sharing the gospel represents one of the most dynamic approaches to purposeful Christian unity for citywide impact that I have seen.”

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