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Sharing The Things That Are Working

I'm really excited to let you know about some things that have helped me in life recently. As many of you know, I'm attempting to make the transition from being employed by others to self-employment. This is a huge undertaking and requires immense knowledge, persistence and strategizing. In this newsletter I'll undercover some recent successes.
Uploading my first book to Amazon! Aaack!

Pushing The Publish Button: Keeping A Commitment

One thing that recently boosted my confidence was finishing my book. Pushing the publish button helped me realize that I can, indeed, finish a project. For those suffering from OCD, self-esteem issues, perfectionism and other procrastination ailments, you know that finishing a project is a really, really difficult thing. So, I've been studying ways to increase confidence. One surefire way is to keep a commitment to yourself. Confidence comes when you keep this commitment. And yes, it does work. I feel more confident now that I kept a commitment to myself. Even though the book is still in pre-order and no reviews are posted, all my steps are complete and I feel a little better about myself. Try to come up with a small commitment to yourself. See if you can notice a difference when you've fulfilled this commitment.

Newish Tools, Brand New Knowledge

Tool #1: The Creative Penn Podcast

As some of you may know, I spend four days per week driving for a company called Quicksilver. For most of my day, I absorb information from various podcasts. These podcasts have provided me with a vast amount of useful information on self-publishing, book marketing, anxiety, business and creativity. The main areas I struggle with are creating a viable income from my creative pursuits. The podcast I've learned the most from is The Creative Penn. This podcast, like all podcasts are free.

Joanna Penn is the real deal. She's a creative and helpful person who left her job in 2011 and built up her book business from the early days of self-publishing. Steve Scott learned a lot about self-publishing from her. Best of all, she's funny, curious and doesn't take herself too seriously.

Tool #2: Twitter

I've struggled for years to gain traction on Twitter. I really didn't know how to engage people there. Well, things have changed recently. One of my blog posts has gone moderately viral. I wrote a post for super newbie writers in order to help people navigate in the murky waters of self-publishing a first book. I wrote it because I was really getting lost in the process and wanted to help others. Well, this blog post gets tweeted by a stranger almost every single day now on Twitter. If you create something ultra useful for others, your content will be shared widely. Two strangers on Twitter bought my Un-Crap Your Life book because they found my newbie writer blog post and had a feeling of trust. This is very important knowledge! I'm turning that blog post into my next book because I realize there is real demand for it plus I'm very passionate about sharing knowledge. I can't wait to make it the best possible guidebook on the topic of newbie writers.....

Vanity Metrics

Vanity metrics remind me of high school. Find out Why It's Always High School In Your Brain.

I haven't been checking my Amazon vanity metrics to find out how many people have pre-ordered my book. I think I'll just focus on other things at the moment. I'm setting a goal for my book and I'm shooting high. I'd like to sell 10,000 copies in the first year. I'm copying Tim Grahl's strategy in constantly trying new marketing methods and letting everyone know what's working and what's not. I learned about Tim Grahl from Joanna's podcast. There's so much crap out there to sift through, so I'm happy that Joanna Penn has done all the hard work in finding the true gems.
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