Math project

By: Corey Chivers

Who's Pythagoras?

Pythagoras is a math term. But there was this guy named Pythagoras he is the one who came up with the math term Pythagoras theorem. Pythagoras was born on the island of Samos in Greece. He did lots of travailing in Egypt. He became famous because he found a group called brotherhood of Egypt he was studding mathematics group. That is how he found Pythagoras theorem.

1. Example of real life Pythagoras usage.

I think this is a example because the firemen need to find a way to put the latter up on the burning house and they need to measure and use the latter for a triangle shape.

2. Example of real life Pythagoras usage.

When you make a bridge you use Pythagoras. When you put up the bring it has a triangle shape witch is Pythagoras.
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3. Example of real life Pythagoras usage.

Farming can be an example of Pythagoras. How do u use farming with Pythagoras, you will use farming for Pythagoras when you cut the grass in the a triangle or shape that you will plant something.
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4. Example of real life Pythagoras usage.

Landscape architects use Pythagoras everyday when they build something. They use it for little projects. They use it for a park building or an out side area.
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5. Example of Pythagoras usage.

Is like size and shape of something to fit in your house could be an example. Like to fit a dresser in the door way of your room.

All of the sets of making a Pythagoras theorem

STEP 1 -- Collect the materials -- One poster board, a pencil and a ruler with centimeters on it.

STEP 2 -- Measure 27.5 cm from the left of the poster board and 20.5 cm from the top of the poster board and make a mark. This should be the center of the wheel.

STEP 3 -- Using your ruler create a segment that is 10 cm across starting from the starting point and heading towards the center of the poster. Make this segment perpendicular to the side of the poster. Use your ruler to construct a congruent (10 cm) segment that is perpendicular to the original. This segment needs to be 20.5

centimeters from the top of the poster board starting at the right hand side of the 10 cm segment that you just drew.Connect the endpoints of the two segments to create a right isosceles triangle.

STEP 4 -- Using the hypotenuse of the first triangle, create another right triangle on top of the previous hypotenuse. The old hypotenuse will be the new base and construct a perpendicular segment to this, with a length of 10. Then connect the two segments to form a new hypotenuse.

STEP 5 -- Continue to repeat this process of connecting and constructing new triangles with a side length of 10, using the previous hypotenuse as the other side. Continue to show your calculations on your separate piece of paper. Construct triangles until you have formed a full spiral. There will be 17 triangles total.

STEP 6 -- Detail your Pythagorean Spiral with a design. Use color and a pattern to make a creative picture. ****I RECOMMEND COLORED PENCILS OR CRAYONS FOR YOUR DESIGN!

TO TURN IN: Your poster with light pencil lines shown for constructions and color used to decorate the pattern.

STEP 7 -- Calculate the hypotenuse of the first 5 triangles on a back of your project.

Right triangles.

A right triangle is 90 decries in the bottem where it goes up and down like a right side. It has 3 sides.

Whats a square root?

A square root is this 2 * 2 *2. Its when a number multiply by its self.
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