Demon Thief

By Darren Shan ,Book Report By Dylan Ferguson

A little bit about Demon Thief

The book Demon Thief is about a boy named Kernel Fleck has seen lights all his life. They are in different colors and shapes. At school he get told when he goes by a group of people to "Go watch some lights freak". A year later the move to a city named Parkinson. Then it goes all wrong he was going to school like normal and he had to take his baby brother Art. When you think its over well your wrong they were having class outside then Mrs. Egin came to the class then she said some words in another language from Kernels view he could see lights going into her and then she blow up and a portal to the Demonata and a demon comes out and eats the head of Kernels teacher and eats other kids. Then when nobody expected the demon steals Art. If you want to know more then read The Demonata series.