The STEAM Update

Week of February 1, 2016

What's happening around STEAM

Monday 2/1

Achieve3000 Training on campus (8:00am-11:00am)

Mrs. Harrison begins to visit 8th Grade classrooms for schedule planning

Tuesday 2/2

7th LBA #2 Window

DLT/CLT @ Brock ES (9:00am-12:00pm)

Wednesday 2/3

7th LBA #2 Window

STEAM CLT Meeting (7:45am-8:15am)

BHS Visit (2:15pm-3:10pm)

Happy hump day!

Thursday 2/4

LBA #2 Review for Science

Friday 2/5

Happy Friday!!!

STEAM University

Please take time to speak with your students about the importance of STEAM U. STEAM U students must complete online lessons in Moodle, Khan Academy, and Achieve3000 along with quizzes that demonstrate whether they have mastered the content.

STEAM U allows us to provide targeted intervention, by way of Academic Lab, for students who are in need of intervention .

Instructional Tips

Professional Development Day

February 15th is a district professional development day. We are looking forward to an engaging day of learning. On this sheet, you will find the location and time of the training you will attend, as well as the direct link to Eduphoria to sign up. It is a requirement to register for the district sessions through Eduphoria.

Please complete this by February 10th.

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A refocus on our PLC work

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Ask Brandon...Answers

Are the data meetings planned ahead of time, or meant to be a surprise?
Data is a vital part of the PLC process and should be continuously discussed. As we take our PLCs to the next level, prepare to discuss your data weekly.

Is it better to have things look organized and perfect, which can be a barrier to creativity? Or could we have some freedom to make things creatively messy while allowing students to be innovative and use the design process?

This is a difficult question to answer. Neatness is a high priority on our campus. If you would like to do something unique and creative in your classroom come see me to discuss the details.

What's the fastest animal on earth?

The peregrine falcon is the fastest animal on earth. It can reach speeds of up to 240 mph.

Ask Brandon

Ever wonder why we do...fill in the blank. Ask Brandon below.

Weekly Parent Contacts

Reminder to send your grade level newsletter to parents either on Monday of the current week or Friday for the following week.

***Please be sure to add homework to your newsletters for parents***

***Also, please update and merge your Google calendars to ensure that your assignments are reflected on your Google calendar***