Instructional Technology Update

February 4, 2016

iCharger News: Technology Tour of Apple Store and TCU Campus

Algebra Teachers: Quadratic Formula Song

Jacob Samuels 1

Mr Tower - quadratic formula by Jacob Samuels 1

Video Tutorial on Making Tabs and Bookmarks in Chrome Browser

Ideas for Elementary Teachers

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iCharger Tutorial: How to Set Up A Twitter Account

Do you think that Twitter is for texting teenagers? Well, think again. One of my largest resources for technology integration in my classroom and now as a technologist is my Twitter feed. Educators are using Twitter as a MAJOR resource for the classroom. Teachers are exchanging ideas and helping each other problem solve everyday on their Twitter feeds. So how do you start? First you need to set up your Twitter account. The iChargers made a video on how to set up your account. Then, you need to find people of interest to "follow" on your feed. Don't worry if it is a slow grow on your feed. If you teach 3rd grade, start with a search for "third grade" in your twitter app--then click "follow" next to the people of interest that match your search. I like to follow great educators that serve as mentors to me. Keene ISD has jumped into the Twitter world with the handle: @KeeneISD and my handle is: @KeeneEDTech. Make sure you start with those follows and go from there!

How to Build Your Own Sorting Activity on Your Smartboard

Smart Notebook 11 Activity Builder Tutorial

Fill Out Form Below For Your "Jeans Pass" Prize!

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I have permission from all campus principals that you can use my jeans pass on your campus any day Tuesday-Thursday. No Mondays please as that is our "Dress For Success" day. When other teachers ask you why you get to wear jeans, make sure that you spread the word about the newsletter!