Creations from the Art Room

Fall 2022

K - 12 Art

This fall the art room has been full of rich creative processes. Students learned and developed their art skills. 4th, 5th and 6th grades had their history classes enriched by art and composer studies in their Inspirational Studies classes. Junior high students focused on the skill of watercolor. High school students studied various techniques and media. It’s exciting to see the progress each student has made.

Kindergarten Art

Kindergarten artists learn the elements of shape: dot, circle, straight line, curved line and angle line. They also explored some of the elements of art as they made a leaf rubbing painting. They learned leaves have line, shape, texture, and color.

1st Grade Art

First grade artists learned about printing as they hand and fingerprinted an ocean scene.

2nd Grade Art

Second grade artists drew a sloth from a photo reference and then painted their picture with tempera paint.

3rd Grade Art

Warp and weft were terms used by third grade artists as they created a loom weaving of an owl.

4th Grade Inspirational Studies

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In Inspirational Studies students learned about Charlotte born artist, Romare Bearden. They then created a collage in the style of Bearden to illustrate a place that is special to them.

5th Grade Inspirational Studies

Inspirational Studies students studied Roman fresco painting and tiling. They chose a part of the fresco from the Villa of Livia to copy.

6th Grade Inspirational Studies

6th grade inspirational studies students were challenged to make Da Vinci's Mona Lisa painting into a contemporary piece by making the painting more modern. They also studied portraiture and value as they copied Mona Lisa. Looking at Da Vinci's sketchbook they copied one of his cats in charcoal.

JH Art - 1st Trimester

Junior High art students explored and experimented with the medium of watercolor. They used their experiments to make a galaxy painting.

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Art by

Lila J.

High School Art - 2 D Drawing

High School 2D art students practiced drawing with graphite, conte', charcoal and pastel.

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Pastel Drawing


Ava P.

High School Art - Mixed Media Art Journaling

Watercolor Techniques and Inspirational Quotes

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I’m so happy to teach your students Art!

K - 12 Arborbrook Art Teacher