K1 News!!

November 16th-20th

Pink Day!!

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Our Schedule Next Week

Monday: P.E Day

** wear tennis shoes!

Tuesday: Music & Library Day

Library Day! Please help your child return their library books to school!!

Wednesday: P.E Day

** wear tennis shoes!

Kinder Feast at Lunch!

Thursday: Art Day

Purple day this Week

Nancy & Friends Performance

Friday: PE Day

**wear tennis shoes!

K1 is thankful for so many things!!!

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Next Week We Will...

  • Unit: Thanksgiving
  • Letters: start to learn short i and the -ip word family (lip, zip, trip, etc.)
  • New sight words- it
  • Review Old Words- I, am, go, to, little, is, like, a, the, have, at, my, we, for, he, said
  • Math: Composting and decomposing numbers to 10, greater than, less than, and graphing into 3 categories
  • Science: Parts of a plant, plant needs, and review trees.

We went outside and drew pictures of the trees during science time!!

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Twitter & Instagram

I LOVE taking pictures of my class!! Be sure to follow me on Twitter or Instagram @MrsMcDanielK1 if you would like to see what we are doing throughout the day!!

These white board tables are so cool!! Working hard on learning all our letters and sounds!!

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This week we got to pick out books form the non-fiction side of the library!!

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What a Wonderful Veteran's Day Ceremony!!

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In order to help our students get to school on time, we are having a grade level competition! The class with the least amount of tardies at the end of the month will have a special surprise from Mr. Hilton!!

Using the smart board to practice our short a words.

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What can I do at home to help my child??

  • First and foremost- practice writing your child's name EVERY NIGHT. I can't beg you to do this enough :)
  • Writing the alphabet letters- capital and lowercase. If you need alphabet paper from me, just ask!
  • Practice writing numbers 1-10
  • Counting to 20 (at least)
  • Tying their shoes by themselves!!!
  • Writing their sight words from the week- I always list the new words in the "next week we will above"
  • Read with your child EVERY night or as much as you can!! Please, please, please!

Congrats Isaac and Michael for getting MVPs this week!!!

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Mark Your Calendar!

November 18th- Kinder Feast

November 23rd- 26th- Thanksgiving Break!

K1 working hard!!! I love to see them so engaged!!

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November Birthday's

Alex= Nov. 17th

Learning some new Brain Breaks!! We love Gonoodle!!!

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This week for E-Time we made PLAY-Dough!!! They had a blast!! Look for it in their backpacks today! :)

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