Updates from RBS

RBS = Rebecca Bevel Smith :)

Updates from our Media Center

Kindness Campaign - Our Media Center is taking part in a Choose Kind Campaign created by R.J Palacio (author of Wonder). This means that we are promoting, recognizing, and celebrating acts of kindness among students throughout the school year. Please let me know of any acts of kindness that you witness so that I can add a marble to our jar. For more information on this campaign, visit the website.

Book Club Lunches - We are offering our students the opportunity to take part in Book Club Lunches every Thursday this school year. Students just need to get a Blue colored Book Club Lunch pass from us before lunch on Thursday. We've already had 52 students join us to share about the books that they love to read. Teacher's are always welcome to join us, too!

Extended Hours - Our Media Center has extended hours every Thursday until 4:00 p.m. Encourage students to utilize this time to stay and work on assignments for classes. They do not need to sign up with me ahead of time. They just need to make arrangements for a ride home at 4:00.

Technology Updates & Support

- CPS Employees will be prompted to change their passwords on September 28th. New passwords can’t be anything you have used in the past 2 years and they must be at least 5 characters long. It is safest and best practice to use a short phrase with numbers/special characters, words and some capped letters. Click here for more detailed information on the password change.

- eSchools - This link takes you a district wide eSchools support page, which contains a lot of helpful information. You will need to login using your Active Directory login (which is just a fancy term for your CPS computer login) to access this site.

- iPads - Please let us know what we can do to help you manage student iPads in your classroom. Matt Villsana and I will be attending team meetings to offer support. We are also coming up with dates to offer PD sessions during the day and after for electives teachers.

- Notability - There are tons of uses for this app. Stop by and ask me for a 5 minute tutorial on this app OR ask a 7th graders to show you one of the things that they learned from me or Mr. Villasana during their Notability training.

- Schoology - So many OMS teachers and students are using Schoology. I'm in awe of all that you do! We will be continuing to offer training on Schoology for teachers.

- How do students get logged in? Check out this handout that we have compiled to help you and your students know which login to use for each of our different programs. This is a work in progress! :)

- Frustrated when a student's iPad won't work? Tired of writing passes to the Media Center? Here's a link to a handout with some basic troubleshooting tips. Also, each student iPad should now have a link that takes students to a Google Form that they need to submit to get help from me with their iPads. I will be checking this form throughout the day and will pull students during RTI to get help.