Make, Craft, Create!

The New DIY Craft Collection at the Ruiz Branch Library

Do it Yourself!

Thanks to a grant from the Texas Book Festival the Ruiz Library is proud to help inspire and instruct our customers with our new DIY craft collection. To help us celebrate this new collection, the Ruiz Library's Adult Craft Night will be making crafts from the books of this collection for the year of 2014 - so if you if you have ever wanted to learn to Do It Yourself, check out the collection and come to craft night!

The schedule thus far...

January 2014 - The Naughty Secretary Club: The Working Girls Guide to Homemade Jewelry (739.27 PE) with special appearance by local author and blogger Jennifer Perkins!

February 2014 - Paper Cutting featuring the book by Laura Heyenga, Paper Cutting Book

March 2014 - Embroidery! We will be learning techniques and taking inspiration from Mastering the Art of Embroidery by Sophie Long

April 2014 - Dude Night with projects from the book Handy Dad by Todd Davis

May 2014 - There is money to be made! Adult Craft Night learns about selling our wares with Kari Chapin's The Handmade Marketplace

We've got a lot of stuff!

Your Map to the collection - We've got Books, DVDs, Magazines, Books on CD, e-Books, e-Periodicals and TED Talks!

646 Sewing, clothing, personal living

674 Lumber processing, wood products, cork
675 Leather & fur processing
676 Pulp & paper technology
677 Textiles

684 Furnishings & home workshops
685 Leather, fur, related products
686 Printing & related activities
687 Clothing

745 Decorative arts
746 Textile arts
747 Interior decoration
749 Furniture & accessories
750 Painting & paintings

760 Graphic arts Printmaking & prints
761 Relief processes (Block printing)

773 Pigment processes of printing

And As Always, if you need help finding anything, we are happy to help!