Life After High School

Things You Must Know

College and Career Readiness

A few months ago I was lost. College was approaching around the corner and the car I was in was just getting closer. Upon absorbing some necessary information I was able to pave my dumpy dirt road to make for a smooth ride toward the next monumental steps in my life.

Always Be Prepared

To Enter College you must ask yourself:

How big do you want your college to be?

What type of degree do you want?

What type of courses would you be interested in taking?

What type of society would you like to live with?

These questions all help a person decide what type of college would be best for them. There are very useful websites that help students browse for colleges such as!

Be Professional

Upon entering college, or for some, a job, being professional is necessary for even the most novice life livers. You need to tackle the world with optimism in your heart and determination on your mind. Dress neatly and arrive on time promptly to your job, college courses, or any situations that would result better if you represent yourself in a positive, neat, collected manner.

Show That You Care

Always act as though you are glad to be wherever you are - regardless how you actually feel. The more care that you demonstrate the more people will respect you. Respect is needed to make friends. Making friends brings us to the next topic.

Be Social

Talk to people! Make friends everywhere you go. You never will know if someone can lend you a hand when you are in need of help with something! Getting along with people in a workspace will make work easier and making friends in college could help you out if you have big projects due! Working in a group helps you tackle larger tasks by breaking it up into smaller sections to reduce the work load!

One Final Tip

Just persevere. Always keep trying and don't give up. Things will always get better. It's a fluctuating curve of pros and cons of life. If you just follows above you will succeed. Good luck!