Math Department 3rd-5th Grade

Week 18 News/Update "Preparation Is Everything!"

Planning Session Survey (Exit Ticket) Results

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Thanks for a Productive Day!

Principals please give your Math teachers a huge shout out in this weeks newsletters. They came prepared, excited, and ready to work. We accomplished a lot and everyone left well prepared. This day reminded most of us why we do what we do everyday and was a great team building activity as we had to lean on each other, collaborate, and push each other. We are poised to make great things happen in the Math Department this year. Staying focused and always in the mindset of busting barriers and doing whats best for students will be our guides. Please see look-fors and how you can help reinforce and support your Math Team during semester 2!

School Leader Look-Fors:

  • A3 Pacing Guides posted in a visible place (outside the door, on the wall when you first walk in, by the teachers desk, etc.)
  • Daily lessons that are aligned to the pacing guide
  • Whole group lessons and small group lessons that are differentiated according to data
  • Increased use of academic vocabulary related to the lesson (could be posted on the board, walls, in student journals, etc.)

**Note: Staying aligned to the pacing guide will set teachers to be 75% to 90% aligned to A3. If teachers get off pace or choose to deviate from common core this will directly affect their A3 test results!

FYI (Note Due Date for School Runner):

  • PART 1 of our "MOCK TCAP #1" has been loaded to sharepoint for your convenience. This is the portion of the assessment that will show student mastery to date!
  • PART 2 of our "MOCK TCAP #1" has been loaded to sharepoint as well. This is the portion of the test that will be considered "diagnostic data".
  • Most are giving the assessment the last week in December. Check with your school leader for confirmation on your exact testing date. All students are required to take the assessment. All scores must be in school runner by the end of the Thursday, December 18th!
  • Students may not use reference materials such as place value charts, multiplication charts, etc. Students may use a calculator! If you have any questions regarding testing guidelines fill free to email Katrina. You can also find testing guidelines below!
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FYI: Mock TCAP Accomodations

Teachers may not read any portion of the Mock TCAP test to students!!! Unless the student has an IEP and that accommodation is written in it. Also, teachers should not prompt students or answer test related questions during the test. Unless the student has an IEP and that accommodation is written in it.

Please see your SPED Teacher for more details about testing accommodations.

Spot Light Teacher: Shayla Morgan

Shout Out to Shayla her students out performed ANet's portfolio of schools including all charter schools by 20+ points!

Shayla recently moved back to the US from teaching abroad, is a mother of 2, a wife, and a GHAES Tiger!

Some Extraordinary things to note about Shayla's practice:

  • She does a great job of pushing her students to do the thinking
  • She has taught her students how to reason between answer choices (reasonable vs. nonreasonable choice)
  • Her students receive a whole group intro daily and small group work time
  • Shayla has made it her priority to learn the curriculum and find ways to scaffold up and down or supplement as needed
  • She is always seeking feedback and pushes herself to be best for her students

When you get a chance take a look at one of her videos and feel free to reach out to her directly. Staring in January I will spotlight a math teacher twice a month giving a little bio, some extraordinary tidbits and a video. Feel free to nominate a teammate!

Shayla Morgan
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Lesson Plans

  • Make sure you are submitting lesson plans on time GHAES due Wednesday night, FAES due Thursday night, WAES due Sunday night, CAES due Thursday night!
  • Lesson plans have been created through the 2nd week in Jan, but still need to be loaded to sharepoint by your designated day.

Network Events:

  • AS Holiday Party 12/19 Make sure you RSVP via the invite from Angela DelBrocco
  • District Wide CPD: January 5th an agenda will be attached to next weeks news blast

FYI Check ins and Content Practice:

  • Due to Holiday Program prep, Testing, and my need to complete Coaching Cycle 3 Plans I will not have Content Practice or Check Ins next week. I will do quick class walk-throughs only and come by to see how you are doing next week
  • Feel free to still request a check in if you need to, I can make myself available!

Resource Hub on Sharepoint-- ALL ASSESSMENTS and PLANNING Resources can be found here!!