Warren (Warriors) Middle School

Where everyone has a place


I LOVE PE! You can talk with friends while watching a basketball game or playing volleyball! Sometimes you can even do homework or play on your phone! The downside is that the locker rooms are small when you get dressed out and people do sometimes hide your backpacks, but it's a small price to pay for free time! Plus you only have to do it one year! Trust me and get it over with in 7th grade! JOIN NOW!!

Musical Theater: Where You Can Learn to Perform on Stage

In Musical Theater, you learn to perform, get the thrill of singing, make friends, go to the parties and get bundles of beautiful flowers! There, of course, if the small price of learning lines, learning dances and learn the right notes in songs. Join NOW!


I love to express myself through dancing and you probably will, too, if you sign up for the Warren MS Colorguard! You turn well-known jumps, tosses, leaps and dances into a complex dance routine! There are just a few disappointments such as the 200$ you have to pay and the injuries. unfortunately colorguard runs late, from 4:00-6:00 some days! Hope you join; it is hard not to!!


I love this kid-friendly way to practice for high school! Don't forget to bring your brain; extra smarticle particles don't just float around, you know!! These classes can be amazing, but they are also challenging! For one, the homework is a pain in the butt, not to mention projects! But, like my dad always says, "You can't learn without tests, so stand up and reach for the stars of the future!" Cheesy, yes, but inspiring nonetheless. Hope you think about it!


If you are a book worm, this is the place for you! Surrounded by knowledge you can come before and after school so you can have library time, ALL the time! I love coming in the morning and just staring at all the knowledge around me on shelf after shelf after shelf! There are no downsides to the library except the wait for the book you want to read! Waiting, day after day to get your hands on the mini movie that plays in your head almost drives me crazy; however, it is SO worth it! The knowledge in the library is so awesome, I have to force myself to leave sometimes! Hope you check it out like a book!
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Warren Middle School Pep Rally 10/06/2011