Fun Things to Do in January

Special Days & Holidays to Enrich Your Program

Every month is full of days and weeks to observe and celebrate. Many of those days, like Halloween and Mother's Day, are quite well-known. But others are not so well known. Have you ever heard of Backwards Day? Or Look for Circles Day? Those are days that you and the children in your program can have fun with. Here is a list of well-known special days, but also days that are of special interest to kids for the Month of January.

Each link will also provide you with some crafts, activities or information about that specific special day. What days will you celebrate in your program?

January 2015

Month-Long Observances

Week-Long Observances

  • Universal Letter Writing Week - January 4-10 (2nd week) – Your students can create fun & beautiful cards using our Savvy Scrapbooking Theme Kit
  • Pizza Week - January 4-10 (2nd week) - Use our Chef for a Day Theme Kit and spend time cooking and making fun treats to eat and share. Virtually everything needed for a fun day in the kitchen with yummy results!
  • Hot Air Balloon Week - January 18-24 (4th week)
  • Junior Achievement Week - January 18-24 (4th week)
  • School Choice Week - January 25-31

First Week

Second Week

Third Week

Fourth Week

  • January 18 Thesaurus Day
  • January 18 Pooh Day
  • January 19 Metric System Day
  • January 19 International Flower Day
  • January 19 Martin Luther King Day – Celebrate different cultures in honor of Dr. King’s dream with our Around the World Theme Kit!
  • January 20 Camcorder Day
  • January 23 National Handwriting Day
  • January 24 National Compliment Day
  • January 24 Clashing Clothes Day

Fifth Week

Free Days in the Denver Area

  • January 11th & 22nd @ The Denver Zoo
  • January 3rd @ The Denver Art Museum
  • January 5th @ The Denver Museum of Nature & Science
For a calendar of free days at other SCFD participants click here

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