Tony Castro


Airfare Cost and Schedule

The cost from Denver to Brazil on a 21 day trip is $9399.20 for 2 adults. The trip would be from April 19- May 19, with two stops being in a business plane. I would be in the plane for 14 hours and 51 minutes. Also, I would be waiting at the airport for 10 hours and 53 minutes.


There are many hotels in Brazil. Some are better than others, but a great five star hotel is the Grand Bittar Hotel. It cost $267 per night and for the whole trip it cost $18527. In the Luxury suite with a hot tub there is a balcony, a minibar, a WI-FI, shower, bathroom, a safety deposit box a telephone, and many more features.


There are many activities you can do in Brasilia. In Brasilia you can go to the Jardim Zoologico De Brasilia and Banco do Brasil Cultural Centre. The Jardim Zoologico De Brasilia is a zoo, at the zoo the are elephants, giraffes, Cotia, and many more. The Banco do Brasil Cultural centre a place for art galleries and theaters. This place has been getting excellent reports from visitors that visit the place.

history and culture

Brazil's men's soccer team has won the World Cup many times, but Edson Arondes do Nascimento (Pele) helped Brazil beat Sweden 5-2 in the 1958 World Cup. Brazil has won the FIFA World Cup 5 times, which is the most wins for the tournament.


Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

When you are at the airport, there could be many problems. You could lose your personal items like, your luggage or your passport, maybe even your plane ticket. Also the airport could have your flight cancelled or delayed which gives everyone a negative attitude. There are many solutions for problems you will face at the airport. One solution is write your name on your luggage, another is to have your passport in your front pockets. If you want to prepare for your flight, check the weather for the day you are departing and the day you are returning.


There are many trips that are magnificent but this trip is a one of a kind. Brazil is full of exciting stuff to do and there are many cultural place too. The hotels will be great and transportation is really reliable. Overall Brasilia,Brazil is a great place to stay.