The amazing race

5 new event for the amazing race

There new location for this race

New challenge

There's new challenge for all competitors and as you go farther it get harder

Some of the new challenges include miny leaning tower of pisa,hide & dancer,and where that lemur

In miny leaning tower of Pisa (Which takes place in Pisa, Italy)competitors have to build a small version of the leaning tower of Pisa if it close to the real thing they get their next clue. In hide &dancer (Which takes place in Sao Paulo, Brazil)competitors must find a dancer on a float that dancing different. If they find him the dancer will give their next clue. And in where that lemur(Which take place in Antananarivo, Madagascar) competitors must find a golden bamboo lemur take a picture and if it the lemur they get their next clue.

The map of where you have to go.

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In Dallas it is tropical during these season. And this is were the race ends.
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A map of the places you have to go to