Southern Soldier

By: Aarya Rao

Questions about the Southern Soldier

What did soldiers carry their food in?

A Haversack

Name 4 things soldiers used wood for:

Heat, cooking, fence posts and corduroy roads

What two instruments were used to tell soldiers what to do?

Bugle & Drums

Most soldiers died of disease rather than battle wounds

Clara Barton was the most famous civil war nurse

What was the first battle of the civil war?

1st manassas (Battle of Bull Run)

What battle occurred in 1862 where the south fought from behind a stone wall?

The Battle of Fredricksburg, Virginia

Stonewall Jackson was famous for the south victory at Shenandoah Valley and died at the Battle of Chancellorsville

JEB Stuart led his cavalry around the union army.

Robert E. Lee and U.S. Grant made peace at Appomattox Court House in 1865

What was the infamous union prison around New York state?


How many people died at Elmira?


What was the infamous southern prison in Georgia?


How many people died at Andersonville?


What was the most famous southern ironclad?

CSS Virginia

What was the Hunley?

A confederate submarine

Role of the Southern Soldier

The southern soldier's only role in the civil war was to defend the south against north troops.

How did they feel about the civil war and their role?

They felt proud to be defending their territory in the civil war but often felt unsure about their own role because they realized how many more supplies and troops the north had.

Interesting facts about the Southern Soldier

  • The land they were defending was rich in cotton
  • Usually played "defense" because they defended their land while the north fought

How would I have felt being them?

I would have been scared and nervous because my gut feeling is that the north would win. The north had way more weapons and supplies available at their dispense.