The X-Fruits

Matthew Snell

The Amazing X-Fruits

Introducing the amazing X-Fruits! They have superpower that noone has ever seen before. Np, they are not mutants. They are superheros with natural powers. Combined, they have X-ray vision, laser vision, healing powers, strengthining powers, and protection powers to all citizens aroud the world! Except Florida, Bill has bad memories there.

Description of the X-Fruit team

The benefits of each X-Fruit


Bill's Vitamin C and calcium helps protect the skin, form scar tissue,and repairs bones and teeth.

Jessie and James

Their vitamin B6, magnesium, vitamin C, and potassium helps form strong bones and releaves muscle cramps.


Laquisha's vitamin A and B6 improves vision.

Jordan and Jerry

Their vitamin K and copper helps form blood clots and provides healthy and strong skin.