SHGS Newsletter

June 8, 2020

Notes and News

Dear SHGS Families,

I pray this newsletter finds you and your family well. I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Students' belongings schedule for pick up outside at SHGS today, Monday, June 8th:

Grades K, 1 & 2 at 10:00-10:30,

Grades 3 & 4 11:00-11:30,

Grades 5, 6, & 7 12:00-12:30.

At these times, you may also pick up your yearbook and please return any textbooks you may have at home.

Incentive Extended: For those that have already registered for next year, I thank you for your commitment to Catholic education and to Sacred Heart Grade School. If you have not already done so, please register your children for the upcoming 2020-21 school year. Take advantage of our registration incentive rate, which allows you to save $100 on the registration fee for each child if you complete your registration by July 1st.

Please follow us on Twitter. You may access our Twitter feed via the bottom of this Newsletter or via our school website.

Thank you for your continued support. We miss your children, our staff, and our school community. Stay safe and stay healthy. Please reach out to me with any questions.

Warm Regards,

Tracy Strub

Incentive Extended - Re-Register by Wednesday, July 1st and Save $100 Per Student

Open registration for the 2020-2021 school year for all returning and new students is underway. Registration fees are applied to each student registered and are due at the time of registration. A reduced registration fee is being offered to those students who are registered by the following dates:

  • February 10, 2020 – July 1, 2020
    • $125 reduced fee
  • July 1 – September 2020
    • $225 full fee

You must complete this process no later than July 1, 2020 to receive the reduced rate and to secure a seat for your child.

Should you have any questions or need assistance in completing the registration or financial aid application, please feel free to contact Linda Millen

SHGS Yearbooks Are Here!

The 2020 school yearbook has arrived! We have captured wonderful memories of this academic school year! The yearbook includes all children, in all grades (Prek-3 thru 8th Grade! ). We are now accepting orders. If you are interested in buying a yearbook, please email Mrs. Strub ( with the numbers of year books you would like. Payments can be made by cash or check or money order payable to: Sacred Heart Grade School. There is only a total of 100 yearbooks that will be sold. They will be sold on a first come first serve basis. The cost of the yearbook is $30.00. We will distribute yearbooks on Monday, June 8th in the parking lot at SHGS.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support!

National Junior Honor Society

National Junior Honor Society Weekly News

Week of June 8th – June 12th

Hello students, faculty, and families of Sacred Heart! Luckily the warm weather is finally here. So try and go outside, but make sure you stay safe. Here are a few more activities to do during quarantine.

Things to do During Quarantine:

• Have a themed family dinner. Choose a theme, decorate your dinner area, dress up in a costume, and then enjoy your dinner. Use things around your home and be creative!

• Have a karaoke night.

• Invent your own board game.

• Write a letter to your future self.

• Play indoor bowling. Use water bottles instead of pins and use a medium-sized ball for the bowling ball.

• Play hot potato.

• Camp indoors. Make s’mores in the microwave and enjoy camping indoors.

• Have a coloring contest with your family.

• Decorate old clothes or shoes to make them look new again.

• Collect rocks and paint them.

Upcoming Events:

Friday June 12th: 8th Grade Graduation

Birthday Shout Outs:

June 8th – Za’Nyah: Grade 8

June 9th - Leonardo Espinosa: Grade 2

June 13th – August:

June 14th - Ralph DelGuidice: Grade 7

June 17th - Daniel Paredes: Grade 6

June 18th - Ephraim Agyeman: UPK Red and Elizabeth Kowatch

June 19th - James Malone: Grade 6

June 21st - Saphira Prevost: Grade 1

June 22nd - Tristen Alvarez: Grade 4

June 26th - Alexander Pineda: Grade 5

June 29th - Catalina Williams: Grade 4

June 30th – Armani: Grade 8

July 2nd - Mrs. James: Grade 2 teacher

July 3rd - Delilah Siejack: Grade 7 and John: Grade 8

July 5th - Adriana Paredes: Pre-K 3

July 6th - James Lagaris: Grade 2

July 7th - Taylor Kosmolsick: Grade 2

July 10th - Lucas Montero: Grade 1

July 12th - Wilson Tepepa-Figueroa: Grade 7 and Gabriel: Grade 8

July 15th – Genevieve: Kindergarten

July 17th - Julian Duarte: Grade 6

July 19th - Julia Bagan: Pre-K 3 and Mark Benitez: Grade 4

July 21st - Ms. D: Pre-K 3 teacher and John Solis: Grade 1

July 24th - Noah Smith: Grade 2 and Catherine Ramirez: Grade 3

July 25th – Bruce and Ivar: Kindergarten and Brett Muscatella: Grade 7

July 27th – London: Grade 8

July 28th – Julia: Kindergarten

July 29th – Christian: Kindergarten

July 31st - Ari De Souza: Grade 5 and Marisol Pablo: Grade 6

August 1st - Rodraya Pope: Grade 5

August 2nd - Miranda Perez: Grade 2

August 3rd - Stefano Rocha: Pre-K 3

August 4th - Ms. Giraldo: Pre-K 3 teacher and Giuliana: Kindergarten

August 5th - Emanuel Perez: Grade 4

August 7th – Sebastian: Kindergarten and Marcus: Grade 8

August 8th – Ethan: Kindergarten

August 9th - Sofia Ramos: Kindergarten and Logan Montiero: Grade 3

August 10th - Dylan Doddy: Grade 4

August 11th -Giada Caba: Pre-K 3, Iris Torres Medina: Grade 2 and Lylah Martinez: Grade 7

August 12th – Ava: Grade 8

August 14th - Xavier Gonzalez: Grade 4

August 15th - Airelel McBride: Grade 3

August 17th - Elias River: Pre-K 3 and Johann Tuapan: Grade 4

August 19th - Brooke Brown: Grade 1

August 20th - Avril Salazar: Grade 7

August 22nd - Matthew Cardona: Grade 3

August 23rd - Virginia Barca: Grade 3

August 24th – Connor: Kindergarten, Damary Pablo: Grade 2 and Liella Colon: Grade 3

August 26th – Ariela: Grade 8

August 29th - Matthew DeLeon: Grade 3

Hello fellow students of Sacred Heart Grade School,

To be a part of the National Junior Honor Society is a great honor. Your goal as a student should be to work hard to become a part of the NJHS. This year the NJHS had a rough year, but we did achieve some things. The NJHS had trivia for grades 1st –8th and for reading across America Day, we read to UPK- 4th grade. This year we wanted to be the best NJHS we could be and we wanted to improve last year’s NJHS. We had many struggles, but I think our greatest achievement is this newsletter. It informs the school of the NJHS and all the events that would happen. So as the 8th graders leave Sacred Heart and the NJHS, I hope the new NJHS will be better than ever. I hope you continue the tradition of this newsletter. Let the school know who the NJHS is and never forget to improve on your service, scholarship, leadership, citizenship, and character. Those are the qualities the NJHS needs and strive to improve those qualities. The 8th graders of the NJHS will miss Sacred Heart greatly.

Stay Safe and Have a great summer!!

8th Grade Day!!

Remote Learning at SHGS

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Important Dates

Monday, June 8: Student Belonging Pick Up Day at SHGS

Monday, June 8: Yearbook Pick Up Day at SHGS

Monday, June 8: Textbook Return Day at SHGS

Friday, June 12: 8th Grade Graduation

Monday, June 15: PreK 3 Moving Up/Belonging Pick Up at SHGS

Tuesday, June 16: PreK 4 Moving Up/Belonging Pick Up at SHGS

Wednesday, June 17: Kindergarten Moving Up

Friday, June 19: Last Day of School for Grades 1 through 7

Remote Learning will continue throughout the end of the school year

The school building is closed for the rest of the school year