Pre-K Weekly Newsletter

October 5-9 2015


October has arrived with a brisk flash of autumn colors and cooler weather. This week we continued to practice writing upper and lower case C. We peeled and cut carrots and made ranch dip, engaged in show and tell, traced and cut stars and hearts for our shape mobile, added a new orange crayon collage page for our color book, painted, sang songs and played in the family life and block rooms.


MONDAY: LL:Sean Snack : Liam Calendar: Helen

Everyone did a great job practicing their upper and lower case E's today. They added an elephant to their alphabet books. Helen made a castle with blocks. Olivia and Lylah made towers with blocks. Jaida painted at the easel. Sophie played with the leopard. Everyone helped to take out the new play doh .

Lucy brought in a candle for show and tell, Myles brought in the a crayon book titled~~The Day the Crayons Quit and Sophie brought in her cat for show and tell.

During circle, the children sang "Where oh Where is my friend". We played a little game while singing this song. When their name was called they picked up a leaf and put it in the basket. We also sang Phonercize (a great alphabet/sound song). The Daily Scoop question of the day was~"What words begin with "C"? We brainstormed and came up with a fantastic list of words starting with "C":

Lucy (candy corn,cubby, colors, cat, candle, car, cupcakes, cookies, cactus, coat,cane), Myles (crayon), Jaida (cake, cow ), Helen (camera, chocolate chips, calf, candy cane, caterpillar),

Sophie (chocolate candy, corn), Lylah (Christmas).

We read the book "It Begins with an A" by Stephanie Calmenson. After story, the children practiced writing upper and lower case "C" on the dry erase board and then completed a worksheet.

Liam and Myles played with boats and play figurines on the rug after their projects were completed. And, Helen sat in the quiet area reading a book.

For snack we had popcorn, carrots, cucumbers and celery.

We played outside on the playground after snack.


LL: Liam Snack: Lucy Calendar: Jaida

Today was picture day!!! They all looked so very beautiful and very handsome!!!

Today, we made a star shape for our shape mobiles. They traced and cut out stars. At the paint table, the children made "star" print paintings using an apple star.

. Liam brought in "Caps for Sale" for show and tell. Olivia brought in her "cat" and Helen shared her "contellation" book and flashlight with the class. They did a great job telling us about the items that they brought in. Today, during circle, we danced to the "Freeze Dance", we sang "One Finger, One Thumb and "Bubblegum."

We read the book "What am I? Looking Through Shapes at Apples and Grapes" written by N.N. Charles and Leo and Diane Dillon. They did a great job identifying the fruits just by the blues given and a portion they saw through the cut out shape!!

The children had apple muffins for snack!!

They had a great day. Because it was picture day, we did not have much time to play on the play ground today.


Cooking and ORANGE DAY!!

LL: Lucy Snack: carrots and dip Calendar: Myles

In the work room the children peeled and cut their carrots and they made dip. They also fingerpainted. They mixed yellow and red paint to make the color__________??? They also practiced writing their name on the dry erase boards at the work table. Jaida painted at the easel and Sophie drew pictures at the easel.

We also read a very special book before we left the work room (one of Ms. Kristin's favorites)~~"The Balloon Tree" written and illustrated by Phoebe Gilman. (this is part of a special assignment for my class that I am taking. We will reread the book tomorrow)

During Circle, I asked the children what their favorite part of the book was. Everybody's answers were different:

S: "When the princess planted the balloon."

J: "The little boy give (Leora) the balloon."

O: "When the tree grew."

H: "When the archduke came and popped all the balloons."

LU: "When They had the party."

LI: "When the king came (back) and saw all the balloons."

MY:"When the dog was trying to get rid of the archduke"

LY: "When the princess was sad."

Today we sang the color song during circle. We read "Planting a Rainbow" by Lois Elhert.

After circle, the children worked on their crayon book collage.

Of course, snack was delicious~carrots and dip. After snack we played outside.


LL:Olivia Snack: Lylah Calendar: Sophie

Today was a busy day in the Pre-K classroom. The children traced and cut hearts for the shape mobile. Afterwards, I asked them to draw a circle, heart and star. They all worked very hard and I am so proud of them. They also completed a heart painting counting page. Ms. Kelly read Pete the Cat to the children and The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the big Hungry Bear after they completed their projects.

Jaida brought her "costume owl" in for show and tell. Mason brought is Charmander (from Pokeman) and Lylah brought Chase from Paw Patrol. I have to say, I am learning alot about these characters!!!

During circle, we sang, "Hello Everybody", "Gray Squirrel" and "I'm a Little Acorn Brown requested by our friend Helen. We reread the book "Balloon Tree" after calendar. We reviewed some of the main characters, the events, the problem, old and new vocabulary and engaged in some great conversations. I hope they enjoyed this book as much as I do. I taught them a new balloon song to go along with the story. And, I asked them at the end of the story what they would do if their room was completely full of balloons. The answers were great!!! I have sent a family fun activity that is connected with this book reading. Please return by October 20th. We will share these activities together in class.

After circle, we engaged in a heart sequencing activity. For snack we had popcorn and grapes. We went out to play on the playground after snack.

It was a great week of learning and play.


· Our first field trip will be Thursday, October15th. We look forward to picking out pumpkins and going on a hayride. School hours that day are from 9:30- 12:30. THERE WILL BE NO AFTERNOON PRE-K CLASSES THAT DAY AND NO LUNCH BUNCH.

· Also, if it is at all possible, if you can provide individually packaged /wrapped snacks (snacks placed in baggies) that would be helpful. It would allow your child to independently pass out his/her snack out on that day. It is just a suggestion. We really do appreciate all of your sending in your wonderful snacks for all the children to enjoy.

· Our classroom book is still making it's rounds around the classroom. If you have not yet had a turn, you will soon. I will be out on Tuesday and Wednesday. However, I will be attending the class trip. If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact me at home. I hope all of you enjoyed your holiday weekend.



Whats new for next week~~~

A Sneak Peak at Next Week

This week we will start Mat Man. This Wednesday October 8 is Black Day. If you are signed up to bring snack in on Wednesday, please remember to do so. They will also be engaging in some fun Halloween activities/projects on Tuesday.

Next week due to the holiday (Columbus Day), there will be NO SHOW and TELL or /COOKING DAY. We will resume the week of October 20, with the letter D and the color yellow.

We have had an amazing couple of weeks of learning through play projects and activities. The children are forming friendships and are interacting and playing with each other. We are using 1,2,3 Magic as a way to improve behaviors and to reinforce our 5 classroom rules. Thank you so much for you support, understanding and cooperation. We are blessed with an amazing class this year!!!

Ms. Kristin and Ms. Marilyn