7 White Spring Newsletter

April 2016

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Team Updates

The year is winding down. On May 23 students will be enjoying a field trip to the Blue Hills Observatory. Students will spend the day hiking, making kites, and taking a tour of the oldest weather observatory in the United States. Let´s hope for some great weather! We are looking for chaperones, so if youŕe interested in joining us, please keep an eye out for the necessary information on the field trip permission slip. The permission slip will be sent home with students following April vacation.

In March, students embarked on a "Google Expedition". Students visited the shark infested waters of the Great Barrier Reef, explored the jungles of Africa and traveled to Mars while sitting safely in the NMS library using the awesome technology of google cardboard. It was a truly amazing adventure!

We are also winding down our Accelerated Reader Challenge. Students are close to earning a team wide water balloon fight on a hot June day, so keep reading and earning those points!

Our next team read will be Peak, the story of a young boy that is racing to climb Mt, Everest. Perfect timing for our hiking field trip!

Curriculum Updates:

Social Studies

Students are just finishing up their unit on Ancient Greece. Following April Vacation, students will be wrapping up the unit by completing one of the most popular projects of the year. Students will write and film their own short comedy or tragedy in the traditional Grecian style. We´ll enjoy a ¨film festival” in a few weeks with 7 Purple, as all students films are shown in the auditorium.

This spring we will conclude our study of the ancient world with our unit on Rome. Students can look forward to learning about gladiator fights, the Roman circus, architecture the foundation of Christianity, and Roman government. Of course, there are also some very interesting (!!) Roman Emperors to learn about as well. Good old Nero!


Math on 7 White has gone to a whole new dimension! That’s right – we have moved on in our geometry unit from finding the areas of plane (or 2-dimensional) figures to finding the surface area of space (or 3-dimensional) figures. Students in our math classrooms considered the relationship between the area of a rectangle and the surface area of a rectangular prism with a hands-on approach. The room was littered with cardboard boxes (AKA rectangular prisms). There was even a rumor about shapes hanging in mid-air!

With a bit of thought and a lot of teamwork, students were able to figure out that determining the surface area of a prism is as easy as adding the areas of each of the sides (or surfaces) of the prism. That’s what I call solid logic.
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We have spent a lot of time studying geoscience processes this term. Students have created models of landslides, mountain building and even the process that forms sink holes. A research project challenged students to determine locations in the United States that might be suitable for construction of a nuclear power plant based on the geology of the area. All students did a great job with this project based learning activity!

Up next we will review the Earth and its place in space in regards to eclipses, tides, phases of the moon and seasons and then we will move on to life science!

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Tips From the Learning Specialist

Getting Through Term 4!


  • STAY FOCUSED: Many students see term 4 as the end of the year and unimportant. If you have worked hard all year, DO NOT stop now! If your grades are low, this is your final chance to bring them up. There is a lot of fun happening this term. Don’t let it distract you from the work you still need to do.

  • KEEP UP WITH YOUR WORK: This term is generally an easier term than terms 1 - 3. MCAS comes to an end. Teachers are able do more fun, engaging activities than before. This does NOT mean that the classwork and homework are unimportant. They STILL COUNT. So don’t forget to get it done.

  • HAVE FUN: Enjoy all the extra activities and time you get to spend with your friends in grade 7. Activities like Champions Day, field trips, outdoor classes, awards ceremonies, etc are all a fun part of term 4.

  • LOOK FORWARD TO SUMMER!!! If you work hard this term and do well, you can start your summer off with the knowledge that you ended your grade 7 year on a positive note. You will have no worries about mom and/or dad getting a bad report card to start off your summer! So have a great term 4 and a WONDERFUL Summer!!

  • GOOD LUCK in grade 8!!!

Mrs. Cannata

Grade 7 Learning Specialist

Ending on a Great Note in ELA

7 White English students will be working on the novel unit for one of the favorite modern classics, The Outsiders, written by S.E. Hinton. Students have already begun to research pop culture and what life was like in the 1960’s, in order to grasp a better understanding of what the characters in the story are up against. If you were around during the 60’s, please feel free to share your knowledge with your child. After reading the book, students will complete a My Access essay pertaining to some aspect of the story, and then they will complete a fun multi-genre project pertaining to a theme from the story.

We will finish up the year by reading a middle school version of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew to prepare students for Shakespeare in high school. Grades 9-10 read tragedies, so we will read one of his many comedies. We will follow it by completing Shakespearean sonnets in which students can profess their undying love to something,,,anything,,,in a fun and comical way. Students will present these poems to the class in a “dramatic” reading.