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Christmas Holiday Cheer

Everyone is preparing for Christmas which is occurring on December 25th, 2014. Baby Jesus symbolizes the holiday in which he was born, and what we mostly celebrate. Going out buying Christmas trees are the most decorative inside the home with lights and ornaments all on it where we keep our presents protected underneath. The three main colors for Christmas are green, red and white, but blue and white represent the winter time. Snowflakes, polar bears, snowmen, icicles, and penguins are typical winter icons. Hanging banners, lights, and ornaments inside and outside the house is really going all out with the tradition. Some more traditional decorations include hanging bells, lighting candles, hanging candy canes, hanging stockings, and cutting out crafts. For Christians Christmas trees symbolize paradise trees. The tree reminds us of the tree in Eden by which Adam and Eve were overcome and which thrust them into sin. This holiday is expensive because parents go out and buy all these special gifts for their family. Including that they would have to work all year to be able to support and give gifts to that person if they feel they deserve something. Now days there are a lot of wants, and not what's needed. The true meaning of Christmas is for all to come together getting ready to go into the next year. Christmas traditions say's placing a cup of milk and some cookies out for Santa Clause..... who is Santa Clause? Santa Clause aka Saint Nicholas is a legendary historical and folktale origin, who delivers gifts to the children on December 24th Christmas eve.

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Los Angeles Fire At DaVinci Apartment Complex

According to Los Angeles Times, there was a fire that broke out at the DaVinci apartment complex at 1:20a.m. on December 8th, 2014. They are treating this as a criminal fire because it is very rare. The DaVinci was under-construction at the time, so that's what their confused about. The fire was so visual that you could see the fire from miles away causing to close down roads, melting street signs, and busting windows of nearby buildings. The heat was so intense that it literally melted the words off the signs. The fire had damaged the headquarters of the Los Angeles Department Water and Power. The heat was so intense that it cracked at least 160 windows. There were more than 250 firefighters that went against the flames in the apartment. The building being 1.3 million sq. feet, and only two-thirds were flamed. The fire took 90 minutes to put out, but there still were some spots that needed that extra take out. Nobody was injured at all, but some parts of the building had collapsed on the road and blocked citizen’s way. But a lot of the workers that are near the fire are wondering if their going to work the next day because of the fire blaze. Even if their job was affected, they still want to know if their going to get paid. It is still under investigation as to what the cause is that started the fire. This will be known as a massive fire in LA that broke out of nowhere.

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OCS DC Program

According to T. Wingate Andrews on December 5th, 2014 OCS DC Program had a fundraiser selling chicken and waffles. This program involves Mrs. Bennet, Ms. Dorsett, and Students. This is located in room 216. Their reason for doing this is because they are preparing students for the work force. Those who don't have any experience in the work force can be in this program to help themselves see how it would be done. In order for them to serve the food to see what the choices of others they do surveys for the staff. With the staff buying things this can raise the money and put it towards trips and other things for the students to experience. The program only occurs once a month of any suggestions that they choose from the staff. This can influence their near future by putting their effort and time into this to help kids who they think actually could get this preparation in life if they don't graduate. This could also be service hours for the student for some experience to apply it to their future.