Number The Stars

By Lois Lowry

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Reviewed by Maddy, Mary, Emma H, and Emma T


We read the book Number The Stars by Lois Lowry. It’s about a Christian girl and her family (the Rosens) that are living in Copenhagen, Denmark during World War Two. The Rosens have family friends, the Johnsons. The Johnsons hide Ellen Rosen to keep her safe as if she were their daughter, Lise who died. They helped the Rosen's through the war. To keep the Rosens updated, the Johnsons even read an illegal newspaper and burned it everyday. They brought the Rosens to their uncle’s boat to hide them from the Nazis and to freedom. Annemarie Johnson who is Ellen’s best friend goes on a mission of her own to save the Rosens. Will they make it? You will have to find out what happens by reading this book!


The book Number the Stars is a phenomenal book! It is a major page-turner. There is a cliffhanger at the end of each chapter, like when Annemarie’s mom was on the ground, you wanted to find out what happened to her and if she was ok. When we read the book, it was hard to put it down because it was amazing! It was very emotional and action-packed, plus the writing was descriptive and precise. We loved the part where Annemarie pulled off Ellen’s super special necklace when the people came. I can’t tell you who the people were who came because you have to read it to find out! If you read this book, trust me, you’ll absolutely love it, especially when the book ends! The ending is spectacular.


We would definitely recommend this book! It was spectacular. The time and setting was perfect for the book. The words were not too hard for fifth graders but the concept was a bit confusing so we would say it is for grades four through six. There is only about a hundred forty pages so it’s not that big of a book. Maybe even a good summer read for going into 5th or 6th grade. This historical fiction book would be given a top rating by us. We all would give it a 5-star rating.

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