You made it through the second VASE deadline!

Dear Region 10N VASE Participants,

Printing Forms: You have probably printed all of your forms, but wanted to make sure you knew what was needed. In the VASE website, click on the "Print Menu" on the left-hand taskbar. When you are printing forms, you will need to print:

1. the Regional Certification Form,

2. the Check-In / Check-Out Attendance Verification,

3. the Student Intent and Artwork ID Form,

4. the Student Agreement and Artwork Release Form,

5. the Digital Art & Media Form (as needed), and

6. the Student Name Tags.

  1. Submit the Regional Certification Form to your principal to be signed which certifies that all your students are eligible – then bring this form with you to turn in at the registration table (marked with DNA for all students not with you at Registration).
  2. Submit the Check-In / Check-Out Attendance Verification form at Registration verifying that you will be in attendance (if not in attendance, your principal must sign and state the reason why you are not attending). The form must be complete saying you will Check in and then the bottom portion says you will be the one checking out your artwork. Your cell phone number is required on the form.
  3. The Student Agreement and Artwork Release Form should be sent home with the student to be signed by a parent. You will turn in one release form for each entry (not each student).
  4. The Student Intent and Artwork ID Form will be completed by the student and will be attached to the back of the 2D artwork. For 3D, 1 copy is glued on a board (the board could be poster board cut to ¼ of the size of the paper), the form is then folded around the board that was glued on the back, a hole is punched in the corner where the board is, and attached to the artwork with a string or rubber band. A 2nd copy is attached to the outside of the box the 3D artwork came in (or a box used for 2D work that has fragile pieces). A photo of the 3D artwork (or fragile 2D) must also be attached to the outside of the box.
  5. The Digital Art & Media Form will only be printed for students with digital art & media, graphic design entries, and digital photos. Do not forget to print this if you have a student entering a digital photo.
  6. You must print Student Name Tags. Schools require that students wear or have identification on any campus, thus your students must wear name tags at all times at the event. You may print these on the 2” X 4” label paper or you can print them and insert them into the plastic name badges that have a pin on the back. Please ask them not to wear them on their shirt sleeves, forehead, pant leg, etc. They need to be worn in the normal name badge place on the shirt. If your students arrive on campus without their name tags, they will have to fill out blank ones at registration (before they will be allowed to go through qualifications) and this will hold you up and the whole check in process.

Thanks – and Great Job!

Don't forget to check out our Region 10N VASE Website for helpful information for you and your students! The website address is:

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Other Important VASE Dates

The VASE Regional Event registration process for Region 10N is based on the following dates.

Print Forms after 02/17/16 Midnight.

Region 10N VASE Event 02/27/16.

Event Location: Williams High School

Saturday, Feb. 27th, 7am

1717 17th St

Plano, TX