Kasilof Boys & Girls Club

Located @ Tustumena Elementary


The last week of each month is Special Project time!

February - Building / Decorating Birdhouses w/ Mr. Hayman

March - Building Your Own Windmill w/ Mr. Hayman

April - Learning To Cook w/ Miss Jamie

May - Water Rockets & Treasure Hunting w/ Mr. Hayman & Miss Jamie


F.I.T. (Families In Training)

The health risks facing this genereation of children are astounding. The largest reason for alarm in the U.S. is how many kids are overweight and end up with type II Diabetes... And it's largly preventable with small adjustments in what you put on the table and how much you move.

F.I.T. is a program that makes learning to eat healthier and exercising FUN. It uses curriculum created by Harvard School of Public Health Prevention Research Center on Nutrition and Physical Activity. If you are interested in this program please contact Michele Hayman at mhayman@positiveplaceforkids.com ASAP to reserve your spot.

Spots Available: 30

Dates: March - May

Days: Monday evenings + "family homework"

Time: 6-7pm

Fee: $20 deposit for equipment issued that will be refunded when equipment is returned in working order at the end of the program.

Committment: At least 1 parent must accompany child to Monday evening sessions + complete "family homework" during the week. If you cannot make this committment please leave the space open for another family who can.


Anyone out there?????

We are currently doing a needs assessment to see how many families need the BGC available in the morings for early drop off at 7:30am. If this interests you please contatct Michele Hayman ASAP at mhayman@positiveplaceforkids.com
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Looking For People Who Want To Make A Difference

The Kasilof Club is now taking applications for subs as well as looking at building our team for next school year. We also would LOVE to have a couple parents drop in and help on Bird House week (the last week of February). All volunteers must fill out background check and volunteer apps. Please talk to a staff member soon wo we can get the paperwork done. :) Use the link below to download application.


Things To Put On Your Radar

  • New parents: Please inform the school what your child's usual BGC schedule will be. Send a note with your child until the pattern is established.
  • Existing parents: If you child's "usual" BGC schedule changes for some reason and he/she needs to get on the bus after school PLEASE do not assume we know that. A note relieves us of panic :)
  • We "help" with home work but you still need to be the ultimate check :)
  • Friday, February 1st we will close at 5:30 to help with the school carnival