New Math Textbooks: Now What?

Leveraging New MS/HS Math Textbooks/Online Resources

The Southern Indiana Education Center has invited Bill Reed from INcompassing Learning back to the region to follow-up on something most districts experienced recently -- adopting new math textbooks and resources. This MS/HS session will be full of helpful next steps to leverage those new materials. Participants should expect to:

  • Identify where the Priority Standards are found in the new math textbook/resource.
  • Correlate the newly adopted math textbook/resource with the I-LEARN and SAT Assessments.
  • Explore the online and additional materials that may be needed to help students succeed.
  • Develop a plan for maximizing the use of the newly adopted math textbook with the district's LMS for e-Learning and virtual learning days.
  • Create quality unit assessment questions that best assess mastery of the Priority Standards addressed in each unit.
  • Plan Mathematically Rich Tasks and Higher Order Thinking Questions that will help round out the newly adopted math textbook to help make an even more powerful tool for instruction with your students.

Plan on registering for this insightful and timely session soon. See more information and the embedded registration below!

Bill Reed, INcompassing Learning

Bill is a licensed Secondary Math Teacher who has taught at every level from 7th grade through community college. He was a classroom teacher for over 30 years in a combination of both Indiana and California. He has taught every secondary math class from 7th Grade Math to Calculus. Bill has been a Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science State Finalist in both California and Indiana. After retiring from classroom teaching, he was the Secondary Math Specialist at the Indiana Department of Education and then a Regional Director for the Indiana GEAR UP Grant at Purdue University before joining the INcompassing Education team in 2021.

Tuesday, Sep. 27th, 9am-3pm

Southern Indiana Education Center, 1102 Tree Lane Drive, Jasper, IN, 47546

*This workshop is for MS/HS math teachers and instructional coaches.

*All times are Eastern time zone.

*Lunch is included in the registration.

*Each participant will receive a certificate for 6 Professional Growth Points.

*All participants should bring a laptop to use during the session.

*Registration fee is $145 per person for ESC members ($200 nonmembers)

*See registration link below.