Year 9 Advertising Campaign

By Sophie Holder and Madison Potter

The Assignment

We have been asked to create and design a company and advertise a product. We must design a logo for our "brand" and must come up with a product to specially advertise, we then must then come up with script for the advertisement.

Our Advertising Techniques

Our advertisement uses persuasive techniques such as repetition and using "models" to advertise our product. We used repetition in the way that in the advertisement every scene is reasonably similar and plain so that the viewers attention is on the most eye-catching object, which in this case was the bright red lips the models had! We used the image of models to sell our product because if someone who is wealthy and good at their job, usually you are able to put your trust in them, therefore into the product they are endorsing.

Our New Range

We have designed a company called "Mitchell Davis" which is a beauty and cosmetics brand. This add is specializing in our new lip colour range, 'lip runways'. This new winter range is known for its long lasting, anti-smudge colour. It contains 5 bright colours, the most popular is our new daring red, 'Rouge'.
Big image
Big image

Our Advertising Script

*3 models standing in a blank, white room, wearing plain clothing and bright red lipstick*
The models each get three photos of themselves taken ( a long shot, a mid short and a close up on their faces.
*Close up on main models lips*
The model says "Rouge, by Mitchell Davis".
Then there will be a voice over (the image is still of the close up lips) giving more detail about the product.