Callahan's Corner

11th Edition, December 6, 2015


CUDOS to all who have chosen to participate in the Winter Wonderland contest!! The halls and doorways look AMAZING!!! Our judges will come by between 1 and 2 on Monday, December 7th, to pick a winner! No one from our campus will be judging just to keep it all fair! We will announce the winners on our Tuesday morning announcements!


Teachers: 2nd Nine Weeks grades are due by 8am on Monday, January 4th, 2016. Rosie will open the system on Wednesday, December 16th, so you can hopefully get this off your plate before you leave for the break. REMEMBER: check to see that you have AT LEAST 3 major grades AND 3 daily grades in EVERY content area (all 5 contents). Writing benchmark grades MUST be included in 2nd nine weeks for all 3rd thru 5th graders as a DAILY grade. Amy Wright will be sending us a conversion chart for the writing benchmark scores.


December 8: STUCO elections for 3rd - 5th grade

December 9: Santa Visits (sign up schedule will be placed in the workroom)

December 9: Middle school band in the halls at 1:15pm; we will "all call" your area to the hallways (PK can decide whether to wake up or wait for the fire drill!)

December 9: FIRE DRILL @ 2:00pm

December 16 & 17: We will have some schedule "upsets", but I don't have details just yet

December 18: Party schedule (see below)

December 21 - January 1: Holiday Break

January 4: Return to Work (grades due at 8am)

January 18: MLK Holiday (staff holiday too--you already did the prof dev)

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I love the idea of some grade levels doing their holiday parties at different times of the day on the 18th! I think a couple of grade levels are doing breakfasts, some are doing lunch time and some are doing at the end of the day. This is helpful to parents with multiple grade level children as well as to staggering dismissal times to make the end of the day less crazy. Please caution parents of those students doing breakfast that their child will be counted absent if they leave before 10:15am though. If they are fine with that, then we will be too, but they should at least be cautioned.

Please be certain that when you are at a duty post (ie. morning, lunch or at dismissal) that you are attending to your duty. I have received some complaints from parents as well as seen myself that there are many conversations going on between staff members instead of tending to the assigned duty which is required for the safety of our students. It is also not meant to be "break time" for you. You should be up, walking around, monitoring and redirecting students who need redirection. Please be certain that you are paying attention to the students during these times. That's the purpose of having a duty assignment.


Many of our staff members are fighting those seasonal allergies and illnesses that seem to escalate at this time of year. Please help me be more aware when your team members need help! You guys all work so hard to be at school all the time, but sometimes, those flu bugs and pneumonias just need you to stop and take a break and let your body recover! We've got 10 more days of this calendar year to get through, then we get a 2 week "reset"! Take care of yourself! :-)