iTunes App Store V. Google Play

Differences And Similarities

Areas of Focus

iTunes App Store focuses more towards music. On the other end, Google Play focuses more towards movies and games.

Operating Systems

iTunes App Store- i0S Google Play- Android

Price Differences

iTunes prices v. Google plays app store are both around $2-3$.


Itunes website basically lists what they offer, and Google Play is organized and is attractive.


Google Play's website is easier to access than iTunes. When using iTunes you have to download it first, then once it's installed you can log in. When using google play you don't have to dowload anthing, you can just access the website and log in. Plus, Google Plays website and categories are more organized and easier to find, the tabs of what they offer are listed on the front page in bold.

App Availability

Both Google Play and iTunes share most apps, they both offer all of the apps I enjoy.


Itunes has 800,000 apps and Google Play has 775,000 apps. Therefore iTunes has the most app availability. Both app store generally have the same quality. I personally use iTunes, I because I have an iphone. But I think Google Play looks nicer and more organized, Google Play is the better cantidate now that iv'e researched.

Approval for iTunes

In order to submit an app for iTunes it costs $99, for Google Play it costs $25. It is more expensive to use iTunes to sumbit an app. The steps to sumbitting an app to Itunes follows, find and download your content through the iTunes store. Upload your purchasable content, like music that you've recorded, if you want to sell your original work through iTunes. Apple requires you to fill out an application for submitting your purchasable content and they will charge you to be included in the iTunes store to sell your media. Podcasts are completely free to submit and download.

Approval for Google Play

When submitting an app to Google Play, first you prepare application for release, then you configure your app for publishing, next you build and sign a relase version of the app. After that, test the release version of the app, upload any application resources, prepare servers and services, prepare your promotional materials, configure and any options and upload assets. Lastly, you publish the release version of your app.