Follers are called Jews

Beliefs and Traditions

Jews follow God's laws, includes the Ten Commandments. Also, they believe in justice emphasized; God considers all people equally. A tradition often practices makes some only eat Kosher foods; no pork, shellfish, or mixing of milk and meat products. Another tradition is a boy/girl member at the age 13; one is now a full member of the congregation.

Info on the Faith

Jews practice their faith in a synagogue. Their worship leader is a Rabbi. The Tanah, and the Torah are holy books for Jews. Rosh Hashanah is the new year, Yom Kipper is when the fasting ends, Passover is when the angel of death "passed over" Hebrews who were in bondage in Egypt, and Hanukkah celebrates the miracle of oil lasting eight days when there was only enough for one day. For the Jews, the western/ wailing wall is in Jerusalem.

Pictures about the Church

Juws beleave there is only one God named Yahweh, and Abraham is the commen figer.

The Symbol of this Faith is The Star of David

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By T.Fauver First Period