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15-16 Sawnee Tech News Vol. 9

Formative Assessment Tech Tools

I love Matt Miller's blog Ditch That Textbook! You've heard a few of these tools mentioned in the Friday Feed before, such as Kahoot!, Plickers, and Google Apps. Think out of the box with formative assessments and allow students choice to Draw It, Write It, or Say It!

Speaking of "Say It"

  • ABCYa! has Talkify which allows students to pick a monster and record their voice for the monster to speak. Since Halloween is coming up, why not let students use Talkify to record a story, piece of writing, or even practice reading sight words or spelling words fluently. Students love to dress up in costumes - let them disguise their voice with a voice changer app. Many kids already have apps that change their voice such as Talking Tom. This would be a fun way to practice sight words for kindergarten and first grades.
  • Those of you who have already begun to use the collaborative tools in Google Drive know how powerful they are! Google Voice is a feature that became available a few weeks ago. To type using your voice in Google Docs simply open the "tools" menu and select "voice typing." A microphone icon will appear in the margin of your document. Click it, allow Google to access your microphone, and start talking. I tested voice typing and was pleasantly surprised by the accuracy. It also responds well to prompts for inserting punctuation. Google Voice responds to period, comma, exclamation point, question mark, new line, and new paragraph commands. Do you have students who have difficulty completing writing assignments? Allow them to speak their assignment and edit the results to reduce the frustration that is often associated with writing due to lack of focus or orthopedic concerns.

Smarty Pins Using Google Maps

This is too cool not to share! I wish teachers could create custom Smarty Pins trivia tours, but to my knowledge you can't (yet). Imagine how great it would be to create a Smarty Pins game about European Explorers for your 4th graders! In the meantime, enjoy testing your trivia knowledge!
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