Medieval Era

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Families in the Medieval Era

  • Families would arranged weddings
  • women staid at home taking care of house
  • The father would have wanted to leave behind in possessions to a son
  • Divorces was rarer in the medieval Era
  • Children were shaped by there environment
  • the family would also get part of the richest

Education in Medeval Era

  • Education was barely seen as important.
  • Reading, Writing, & Calculation was becoming a skill needed in Gov. Business and Ag.
  • People who had these skills like scribes, clerks, and layers were standing in great power over others.
  • Only some could go to school & most of them were boy's .
  • Going to school & getting education was not done by everyone in this Era.
  • Girls were sent to other households to learn sewing needed to manage a household.