John Cartier

Come explore with me!

Explorer or Invader?

I'd prefer to be called an explorer because I claimed rights to France on my trip to the Fabled Land of Asia. just because I kidnapped the two sons of an Iroquoian chief doesn't make me an invader, right?


Deep Snow

I've heard that winters' in the area of Stadacona are horrible, with snow four feet deep! If we are to survive, we should try not to catch scurvy, a deadly disease. A special remedy made by the Natives could save us. Come sail with me, and return from a mythical city with Rubies, Gold, and other riches!


Scurvy is a deadly disease caused by lack of vitamin C. Poorly nourished sailors commonly caught the disease from lack of food on ships. So be careful!!!!!

Indians in The Area

I have heard of two Natives in the New World. The Micmac and The Iroquois. The Micmac live around a fabled area called Chaleur Bay, and they prefer to trade, I have been told. I have also been told that the Iroquois live in an area called Baie De Gaspe', and are miraculous thieves.

My Plan

I plan to start in France and travel by ship across the Atlantic Ocean to the New World.
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New World

The New World is a land full of golden riches. Across the Atlantic Ocean is where it rests.
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