Mrs. Franklin's Fabulous Firsties

September 25, 2015

What Have We Been Up To?

Another two super busy weeks have flown by in first grade. The students are doing a wonderful job and amaze me every day with what they have learned.

In Phonics, we have focused on the short vowels /a/ and /i/. In class, we talked about how the vowels are like the "glue" that stick the consonants together. Continue to work with your child on sound blending words with the short vowel sounds such as /b/ /i/ /g/ says "big". Another activity to do is to play lots of rhyming games with the children. For example, say "If I change the /b/ in big to a /d/ what is the new word?" These skills lay the foundation for reading.

In reading, we continued our unit of study on fiction books. Our essential question, "What makes a good story?" is discussed each day. Students are learning about character traits, how to analyze the setting of a story, how to determine the main problem and the solution in a story and how to retell the entire story including the most important details. We've read Nat and Sam, Big Al and Shrimpy and Alicia's Happy Day. In addition, we've worked on identifying and describing the central message (or the lesson learned) from the story. We talked about how the lesson is what "sticks" with the character and with the reader. Ask your child about his or her favorite story.


In math we continue building a strong foundation of number sense through playing many games that combine (or add) numbers together. Games such as Double Compare, Double Compare Dots, 5 in a Row, and Roll and Record are played and students can use a variety of strategies to add two addends together. Some students count all the dots on a number cube, others put the larger number in their head and count on by the small number and some know the addition facts quickly and accurately. Students are asked to share their strategies and to explain them in writing. Be on the lookout for these games to come home in early October as part of our Math Calendar Homework.
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Social Studies

We are knee deep in learning about our Geography! We've defined geography, determined the difference between a human made landform and one that is a physical landform (from the Earth), identified ways in which human actions affect a place and are learning the names of the continents and the oceans. Students really enjoyed looking closely at a globe and the map of the world.
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Looking Ahead

Jog-A-Thon September 26 from 3-5...Hope to see you there!

Scholastic Book Orders are due on Friday, October 2nd. Click on the link below.

Picture Day is Wednesday, October 7th.

Mrs. Franklin

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