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sweden ashlyn 12/11/15

the enviorment today

numerous forest reserves, slower population growth and strong conservation movement, preserves a large number of national forest. In 2003 9.2% of the land was protected. Baltic sea rim has a large amount of pollution, but Sweden created a new government agency, Swedish agency for main and water management to help this problem we are having. The lakes are a threat to the enviorment. Sweden has worked hard since 1990 to reduce this problem. harvesting of wood for pulp is a big issue in the enviornment.


GDP: growth rate 2.7%

the electricity production by scorce: fossil fuel 4%, hydro. :50.8%, nuclear: 43%, other: 2.3%

the import partners: Germany is our main 19.5%. the average price to buy a home today in Sweden is about 5,000. Enployment continues to grow and unemployment is declining. Business investment will increase, and hose prices will continue to support residentinal investment, also risks will come. the average price to buy a home in Stockholm, Sweden si about 5,000.


The government type: constitutional monarchy. The day we got Independence was June 6, 1523 ( Gustav VASA elected king ). The capital today in Sweden is Stockholm. There national football team name is Blagult or yellow and blue. The politics of Sweden take place at in a framework of a poliamentary representative democratic constitutional monarchy. Executive power is exercised by the government, led by the prime minister. Sweden has a multi- party system with a lot of political parties. All Swedish armed forces services are orginized within a single unifed government agency.


here is a chart in Sweden on diffrent types of socail media used. The best amusment park in sweden that is rated 5 stars is Liseberg. Pubolog is one of the best restraunts in stockholm,Sweden. Veroneno caffe is a 5 star caffe in stockholm. Ett Hem is a 5 star hotel in Sweden.
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