Kepler 10 B

Nico Wojdyla

Year of 2210

Its the year of 2210 and Earth is not a suitable place anymore. I have cut down to my options and i'm choosing to live on Kepler 10 B. The apes that are taking over Earth are just too powerful. Kepler diameter is 1.42 Re. Average distance from sun is about 45 days so i will be getting a whole lot of heat. average temperature is about 1833 k so will be wearing shorts. Length of day is 20 hours and their is 73 days in a year so looks like my age will go up very high. Their is going to be no moon light or their will be no rings surrounding me.i would be about 24 years old if i left today.The value is 3.5 days and a 10th and a 90th percentile. i will weigh about 68 kg more to weight on Kepler. The distance from Earth is 1.6 million miles or 570 light years. It will take me 18 hours to get their. The planet was discovered on January, 10 , 2011, some time ago. Kepler is about the same size as the sun. Kepler is about 12 billion years old. it is not human livable but i will take my chances. I will make a suit so that the heat will not burn me so I will have a chance to live on Kepler.
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