March Madness

Team Holohan stats & more!


Well ladies, another solid month behind us and may I just say that we as a downline of 76 women, submitted over $5000 in the last two days of the month! WOW! ha ha you had me going there ;) Our final tally all together with 55% of our team submitting sales this month, was $31, 901!! Congratulations everyone!!

March was a wild month for many of us -

Leaders (Directors and above) were wrapping up their earning period for Punta Cana in September

Families were away or taking time out for March Break

Laura Cey welcomed her beautiful little man Reed into the world! Congrats Laura!

We celebrated Easter with extra family functions!

So wherever you found yourself in March, I am so proud of you for being apart of our 55% active consultants this month! We've got $8000 in commissions coming our way ladies! It's worth celebrating! If you missed out in March - I CHALLENGE YOU to put yourself on the earning list in April. Book a teacher-friend to grab some fold n files or double duty caddies for half off and let's get you a commission cheque on the go!

xoxo Liz

Don't miss out, April specials are HOT! Share with your customers!!

Thirty-One Gifts April 2016 Customer Special


In my February Newsletter, I issued a challenge to our team - recap!


I'm buying your business supplies for May (flyers, a pack of opportunity brochures and a SURPRISE from me!!)

For every $400 you sell this month, I will give you one ballot
Team members who hit $1000 will get 1 additional ballot.
Team members who hit $2000 will get 2 additional ballots (plus the 1 for $1000)... etc.

For every recruit you have this month, I will give you three ballots towards that business supply prize AND put you in for a $20 gift card of your choice!

TOP PV for MARCH gets 5 ballots
TOP PARTIES for MARCH gets 5 ballots
TOP RECRUITER for MARCH gets 5 ballots for BOTH prizes!


Top BALLOTS earned - Joylene Mann with 24 ballots!!!

Top sales -$3525, and Top parties, 4!

And the winners ARE.......

$20 gift card for recruiting: Leanne Garthson! Congrats girl! Let me know where you want your gift card for!!

May supplies: Shauna Cutcliffe! Way to go girl!

**also, for online raffles, check out this link!

You enter the names each on a line and it creates a list and then you hit "Fruit Machine" and it acts like a slot machine. Amusing if you want to make a short video to celebrate a winner in your closed groups or a party!*


A HUGE shout out and congratulations to SHAUNA CUTCLIFFE and JOYLENE MANN, both directors who will be joining ME on the beach at the Hard Rock Resort in Punta Cana this September!

We all earned the trip for ONE over the last 6 months through personal volume, team sales, recruiting and promotions (personal and Gen 0), and I can't wait to see you there!!! Free drinks, delicious food, a casino, lazy river and brilliant friendships await!!!

If YOU ever wondered if leadership was for you - don't think! Jump in! There are so many fun perks, and way more friends to meet in this pink bubble! WOOT WOOT!

Earning for 2017's all-inclusive getaway will begin this fall!



$3525 - Joylene Mann

$1551 - Victoria Kane

$1055 - Shauna Cutcliffe

TOP TEAM SALES - Leadership

$13079 - Shauna Cutcliffe!!! Congrats girl!


$2698 - Marilyn Weber! Welcome back girlfriend!

$895 - Holly Martin

$794 - Angela Rozenveld


4 - Joylene Mann

3 - Amanda Siemens, Jennifer Apopei, Denise Britton, Marilyn Weber!

Liz's Stats!

Personal Volume $2005

Team Sales $11585

Parties - 3

Party leads for April - 4

Events for April booked - 1

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