Let's Look at Prisms

...and rock this!!!

ACTIVITY #1 Prisms are all around us.

In your group, look around and quickly discuss, using "Round Robin," what prisms you see in your classroom.

Next, click on the website below to explore prisms. Notice the number of faces, vertices, and edges of each different pyramid shape. (You will have to click the "back arrow" to get back to this page.)

*Time manager, please allow 7 minutes for your team to complete this activity.

ACTIVITY #2 cAn YoU nAmE tHaT pRiSm?

Click on the link below and try to test your prism skills. (Time manager, please allow 5 minutes for your team to complete this activity.)

Activity #3 Hands on - Box Measurement

Your group will select a box within the room. You will have to measure the length, width, and height of the box, to the nearest 1/4 inch. Sketch the next of the box with the sides/measurements labeled. You will record your measurement on notebook before moving onto Activity 4.

*Time Manager, please allow up to 10 minutes for this.

Activity #4 Let's Engineer some Blue Prints!

With another internet browser open, open up your Google account. Click on your apps, and open up your App store. In the search engine, type, "Google Drawing."

(Below, you will see what the app looks like.)

Click to add it. Once you have done that, You are going to sketch the "net" your box. Please be sure to indicate the dimensions of each side of your figure, and include points of visible vertices. Please also indicate at the bottom, the number of faces your "box" has.

*Find one more additional prisms in the classroom that you and your team discussed in activity 1. Measure that prism, and create a diagram blue print of it below your box.

Big image

Activity #5 Find the Perimeter!

Click on the link below to navigate through the Google presentation task cards to answer the area and perimeter questions. Once there, click on the "present" tab on the upper right hand corner. Click "Present from beginning" to start.

Keep tabs on how well you did!