K-2 Newsletter

January 29, 2016

Hi K-2 Team,

Did you know there are only three weeks of instruction until STEP Round 3 testing begins? This means it is critical that you are implementing your Guided Reading groups daily, using the Jan Richardson lesson plans to guide your work, and also carefully taking notes and crafting teaching points to address student gap areas. If you need more support in that area than you currently have, please reach out to one of us and we'll work to secure additional supports! Check out this newsletter for some tips and suggestions for continuing to improve your instruction.

Have a great weekend!

Avis, Tiffany, and Krysten

First Grade RLA Unit 6

Powerpoints of the texts for First Grade RLA Unit 6 are posted to SharePoint. If you have already downloaded the zipped file, delete your old version. Download the newest version and you'll have the texts and finalized plan.

Heggerty and Wilson Phonics Pacing

Here is the pacing for the next two weeks of school:

Week of February 1st: Week 21

Week of February 8th: Week 22

Guided Reading Tip of the Week

One component of the transitional lesson plan is word study. Are you struggling with what your focus should be during this portion of the lesson? If so, use the word study inventory on page 48 of your Next Steps text to assist in focusing on student areas of need. Administer the words as a spelling test to your transitional groups and then analyze for patterns of need. You can also use your STEP tests to look at student spelling and analyze areas of need. Need help doing this or analyzing data? See Krysten!

C&I Team Walk-thru Notes

The C&I Team did our walk-thrus this week in K-5 RLA and Math. Thank you to the teachers who welcomed us into your classrooms- we apologize if it was a surprise. Remember that the goal of these walk-thrus is to collect trends across schools and classrooms. We won't provide individual feedback to teachers. If you have any questions about this, see Krysten.

RLA Strengths:

-Significant evidence of a print-rich environment in most classrooms

- Majority of classrooms had anchor charts/objectives/evidence in the classroom that the curriculum is in use and teachers are on pace with curriculum

- Guided Reading was in action in several classrooms we observed and all teachers observed were using Jan Richardson lesson plans

RLA Areas for Growth:

- Inconsistent implementation of Word Walls (we haven't done PD on this, but it was a noticing)

- Some teachers are adding "uh" to the ends of sounds when doing Heggerty- remember, t says /t/ not /tuh/

Math Strengths:

- Anchor charts are visible, relevant, accessible, and connected to the current curriculum

- Evidence of clear steps for students to take towards mastery of objectives in either instruction or on anchor charts

- All 2nd grade classrooms were actively engaged with the ENY curriculum and on pace with unit plan

Math Areas of Growth:

- K-1 teachers are not consistently on pace- check your unit plan to ensure you are on pace!

- Ensure students have ample opportunities to individually practice the objective in order to ensure mastery

Krysten Wendell

Director of Curriculum and Instruction