January 19th Week at a Glance (WAG)

Esperanza's Vision and Mission


Students engage in rigorous, high quality, biliterate academics which prepare them for college and career. Esperanza students and families take responsibility for their learning which allows them to be academically strong in two languages. With a growth mindset, they are unique individuals, who critically think and are determined to succeed. Students show respect for themselves, others and the environment.


Through PLC’s teacher are able to plan for mindful and purposeful instruction. Teachers collaborate to implement rigorous instruction, that meets the needs of all students. Teachers engage in peer observations to receive and give constructive feedback. Teachers use data to drive instruction and make clear plans for corrective instruction. We engage the family and community in quarterly meetings to review growth and set goals.


Happy MLK Day!


grade level meetings

ALL GRADE LEVELS: Please share your grade level planning Week At A Glance on google drive.


PD: analyze writing data


grade level meeting 1st grade

ALL GRADE LEVELS: Please share your grade level planning Week At A Glance on google drive.Arnold off site at principal pd


Arnold off site

office maintenance

Please clean up after yourself in the office. This would include putting chairs back that you have moved, doing your own dishes, cleaning the table after you have eaten on it ect... The office is like a classroom for the office staff. We would not move around furniture, make a mess and leave your classroom disheveled so please don't do it to the office staff. Thanks!


This week's PD we will analyze our writing prompt data. Please bring your scored writing prompts/assessments. WE also would like to have teachers share out artifacts from mini lessons and guided reading. Please bring an anchor chart, guided reading plan, guided reading books, or a video of yourself or any other evidence for both mini lessons and guided reading that is happening in your room.


Teachers must:

  • complete daily attendance by using ABI

  • sign and date their weekly attendance reports each Friday in ink (NOT marker and NOT pencil) and turn them in to front office

  • date their weekly attendance report ON or AFTER the printed date (printed date is in the upper right hand corner)

It is extremely critical that attendance is submitted promptly at 9:30 and is ACCURATE . There have been quite a few times this year that Evelyn has called home to ask why a student was absent and they actually were at school. As you can imagine this is frightening for the parents until the error is corrected. Also there is a new district practice where Evelyn has to submit the weekly attendance report to the district. We also have federal audits in regards to attendance. Please be timely and accurate with attendance as it is extremely important.

Substitute Bins

Thank you 5th grade for turning in yoursubstitute bin. The idea is that in case you are absent last minute the office staff will have materials to pull from. I am asking for a bin becuase I would like to limit copies to only what is necessary. I would like that you place read aloud books, extra Scholastic News and additional items that would not need to be copied. You can also put a few things in the bin that would need to be copied in the event we need to use your bin. The idea is to save making copies for what is only necessary. Please turn in your bin to the office by this Friday. This will greatly help your team and the office staff in the event of an illiness. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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