Broke after break?

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You spent all your money over spring break?

Let's find some ways to earn money

1. Finding on-campus jobs on TUPortal

- Sign in to TUPortal with your TU Access Net

- Student Tools

- On the left panel "TUapplications," look for "Careers@Temple"

There are a lot of on-campus jobs on Careers@Temple that are posted for you to apply. If you need more help on crafting your resume, preparing your application, let me know!

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2. Applying for summer internships

OwlNetwork has jobs that are exclusive only to Temple students. So don't miss the chance. You can filter jobs by your major or your field of interests.

These employers come to look for Temple students, so your chance of getting the internships/jobs is a lot higher than other job sites like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Indeed, or CareerBuilder.

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More resources

- Temple Career Center:

You can book an appointment with a Career Coach to help you think more about your career.

- Ask your friends, your RAs or PM. We're always here to help. Just let us know.

--- Peer Mentor Nathan Pham ---