Harry Potter: The Sorcerers Stone

Read about Hogwarts bound Harry and his adventures.

The Three Friends

The Premis

This book is a real thriller with twists and turns everywhere. Fore instance, Harry has always been a famous person in the wizarding world for surviving an attack by the evil Lord Voldemort, but he doesn't make the most popular friends. He and his friend, Ron, always find a way to get in trouble by the teacher, Snape, who dislikes Harry. Harry plays a school game called quidditch, which he is very good at. All in all, this book is very action packed and fun.

The Basics

So to understand this book, you need to know what is what. For starters, Hogwarts is a school of magic that is attended by all the wizards and witches to be. The professors have all been witches and wizards at some point and are very skilled at what they teach. The students learn potions and magic defense and basic spells among many other things. The school game is quidditch, and is played on broomsticks with different balls. The groundskeeper is a giant named Hagrid who also runs errands for the headmaster or Hogwarts, Dumbledore.

Harry Potter Vs. Draco Malfoy

The Harry and Draco rivalry goes way back to when they met at the wand shop. Harry thought Draco was quite a jerk here, and it turns out he is a big jerk. Draco bullies Harry and his friends all the time at Hogwarts. He and Ron got in a fight during a quidditch match one time. He thinks that Harry isn't that special, but Harry thinks that Draco is a jerk. They both got put in rival houses, so that put them as an even bigger rivalry.