News from the Nest

Fundraising Special Edition

This edition includes:
  • Fundraising at VF: What does the money go toward?
  • Restitution Funds: What are the plans for this money?
  • Race for Education: How to donate
  • Race for Education: Reward Assembly standings
  • Race for Education: Pizza Party Classroom standings - ***last updated on 5/17/18***

Fundraising at VF

Vernfield Home & School usually holds one primary fundraiser per year (Race for Education) as well as several small fundraisers (Box Tops, Kid Stuff Books, Jumpin' Jacks, Applebee's).

We rely on this income: the money raised is used to fund the Home & School budget for the following school year. Below shows what the money went toward during this school year, but is representative of a typical year. Our operating budget for 2017-2018 is $23,800.

**Note this is not a complete list of expenses. All of the fundraising proceeds and budget expenses are discussed at the monthly HSA meetings. Copies of the current budget, monthly cash flow, and bank account balances are distributed at the meetings and are also available upon request.**

In 2017-2018, Home & School paid for the following events, activities, and items in our usual operating budget:

  • Science Rocks (3-5 Grades)
  • Family Fun Night
  • Prime Time Reading (K-2 Grades)
  • Lip Sync
  • Earth Day
  • Fifth Grade Picnic

  • Author Visit: Michael Patrick O'Neill (rescheduled November 2018)
  • Field Trip subsidies
  • Yearbook expenses
  • Reading Olympics
  • Hospitality (staff appreciation, special events at VF)

  • OSMO Genius Kits
  • Kindergarten T-Shirts
  • 5th Grade T-Shirts
  • Communicator Envelopes
  • Laminator Rolls
  • Playground equipment
  • Landscaping
  • Weekly Newsletter (S'more) and SurveyMonkey subscriptions

Restitution Funds

Home & School received a restitution payment during the summer of 2017. The Home & School board made the decision to use that money primarily to fund special projects that benefit most or all of the students currently attending Vernfield. This money does not factor into our yearly budget.

To date, the purchases made with this money are as follows:

  • Walking Path on the Playground
  • Short Throw Projector (Instrumental Music)
  • Help Kids Learn Software
  • Character Counts Book-of-the-Month (3 years)
  • Big Blue Blocks for Playground
  • Fish Tank
  • Back to School Bash 2017

Race for Education

The Race for Education took place on Friday, May 11! Thank you to event chairpersons Jenn and Kevin Lister, all of the volunteers, and to the teachers and staff who helped make this day a great success!

IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO DONATE! We will be accepting donations (both online and via mailers) through May 28! Please spread the word and consider giving to help fund all of the great things mentioned above that Home & School provides. If you have already made a donation, THANK YOU!

We are over halfway to our goal of $20,000 with a total of $13,884.00!

Donating is easy!

1. Go to

2. Type in your child's name.

3. Make your donation.

4. Share this website with family and friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

If you prefer, you can mail or hand out these self-mailers (print 2-sided, if possible) to family, friends and neighbors.

Thank you for your support in making this fundraiser successful! If you have any questions, please contact Jenn Lister at

Race for Education: Reward Assembly Standings

Teachers will be participating in various challenges at a "Special Spirit Assembly" on Friday, June 1. The number of challenges is dependent on the money raised. Students who have received at least 3 donations will be randomly selected to participate in the assembly.

So far, we have raised: $13,869.00 of our goal of $20,000!

  1. $1000-$4999: Silly String the teachers! (Edgar, Alderfer, Lightstone, Maine, Raisner, Luciani, Donovan, Gehman, Caranfa) - ***ACHIEVED!***
  2. $5000-$9999: Teacher Pie Face! (Mandia, Prodorutti, Stover, Porco, Kissell, McGinniss, Tarsitano, Guengerich, Diaz, Halteman) - ***ACHIEVED!***
  3. $10,000-$14,999: Teacher Tricycle Race! (Case, DiPietro, Steffy, Moore, Ale) - ***ACHIEVED!***
  4. $15,000-$19,999: Teacher "Mystery Wheel" Challenge! Hmm... which teachers? What challenge??
  5. $20,000+: Mr. Gross (a HUGE Penguins fan!) will dress as a Flyer and color his hair orange!
  6. $20,000+: Mr. Graf will get SLIMED!

Race for Education: Pizza Party Classroom Standings

The classrooms with the highest number of donations will receive a pizza party.

This section will continue to be updated (you can keep checking this newsletter to see up-to-date counts). IMPORTANT NOTE: NOT ALL CHECK/CASH DONATIONS may be included in these totals, as those amounts are received through a slower process.

*** Last Updated: 5/17/2018***


Mrs. Fogle AM: 46

Mrs. Fogle PM: 25

Mrs. Germeroth: 35

First Grade

Mrs. Porco: 55

Mrs. Case: 39

Mrs. Steffy (Mensch): 27

Miss Prodorutti: 27

Second Grade

Mrs. DiPietro: 16

Mrs. Raisner: 21

Mrs. Tarsitano: 27

Mrs. Moore: 35

Third Grade

Mrs. Edgar: 33

Mrs. Feighan: 27

Mrs. Mazin: 31

Fourth Grade

Mr. Guengerich: 22

Mrs. Ditlow: 26

Mrs. Halteman: 19

Mrs. Diaz: 16

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Gehman: 13

Mrs. Donovan: 24

Mrs. Mandia: 30