Fantastic Finds at FHES

May 9-13

Being Intentional Everyday

Collaborative Practices

Each week the Instructional Team will be highlighting great things we're seeing at Forest Hills. When you see something you would like to know more about and implement in your classroom please collaborate with that teacher. If you would like to see this practice in action, the Instructional Team will be glad to schedule an observation with that classroom.

Engagement Everyday

Our focus for the year is student engagement. These are some engagement strategies we're seeing at Forest Hills.

  • Learning targets
  • Think time I & II
  • Quality questioning
  • Formative assessment

Some of Our Fantastic Finds

Teachers are engaging our students all over the campus during and after school hours!!

Tip of the Week: Presentation Assessments

How can you ensure all students engage in learning and discussing?

Whenever students present, they must determine a method to check their peers' understanding of the material they have presented. This helps to internalize checking for understanding as something that students can and should initiate with their peers.

-Leaders of Their Own Learning, p. 71

A Week in Review

-We completed Kindergarten screenings.

-We honored our hard-working teachers.

-Show Choir performed.

-We hosted our first Art Show.

-We completed ALL Performance Series testing!!!